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Too late?

Dear Bib,

I have just joined this forum today. I do remember seeing your name on a different forum a couple of years ago. I remember the hanger as well. I didn’t buy it then because I didn’t realize what was legit and what was not back then. I have recently decided (after years of internal debate) NOT to have any surgery done. The risk would be too great. I decided to start hanging religiously only to go back to your site to find that it is closed down. I have browsed this Hanger’s Forum and have seen SO MANY positive posts about your product that you created. Have I missed the boat? I am so insecure about my size that it really effects the quality of my life (I know I am far from alone). I realize that you are moving on, but is there any way to get my hands on one of these hanger’s. I know you don’t know me and I hope I am not coming across as pushy, but I finally comitted to this mentally and now I feel like I’m back to square one. Best of luck.


In the meantime...

try the link to Tom Hubbard’s site below. Maybe you can find something positive in it.


No more Hangers?

Hi Bib,
I won’t bust your chops or anything, I can certainly appreciate your wanting to move on to other things and I wish you nothing but the best for your future endevours. :)

I still haven’t managed to put together enough extra cash to get a hanger, and I’m really not inclined to buld my own (bit of a fumble fiinger when it comes to building stuff ;) )

Anyway, I’m hoping I’ll have enough case to buy a hanger in a couple months, are you still going to be making them?

Thanks and Good Luck!



Remember Bigger said he was considering doing periodic Bib Hanger “Jamborees” during which time he would built hangers for the people wanting one. So assuming that there are a few of these events each year one should be rolling down the way during the summer/fall. During this time members still interested in a Bib Hanger could get an order in .

Figure if your hanging for several years and swinging your dick around for a few decades then a few months isn’t a big deal.

In the meantime there are several options for hanging and non hanging PE methods alike. Let me know if I can help in any way.


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I’ve tried to find some sort of request form or a “please include me” type letter of interest for a bibhanger. The latest production model not only looks much more comfortable from the pictures but looks like it would support even more weight than the home-made types.

I’ve made a couple of Tom Hubbard’s invention and use them now but like many members of this forum, I’m interested enough to want to try this production bibhanger. I’m intrigued by the use of self-contained molded gel which should reduce the large bundle of protective wrap I now use and interested in what looks like a furniture or piano hinge on one end.

If you or another member have any idea of the kind of liguid gel used as padding, I’d like to try it in one of my homemades. Also, if theres a sign up list for possible bibhangers later on, please let me know.

I’m relatively new to this forum but have been involved in PE’ing for almost a year “off and on”. Since starting over, I’ve been consistent with hanging and already see growth taking place. In trying to comply with the forum requests, I’ve tried several searches for my questions above. Please advise if you have any other information on the items in the preceding paragraph.


I think we are in a wait-and-see mode as to what happens. Keep your eyes on the board and when something starts to stir, believe me you’ll see the commotion in the threads.

You’d have to find out what that gel is from Bigger.

Hoping for Remanufacture

Hi BusterHymes,

Thanks for the reply and I’ll keep watching this board as well as Bigger’s. I’d love to make one of the production units if possible but it would be even better to buy one already made. I guess my feelings are greatly shared my many newer members so we’ll just wait and see. Thanks again!


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