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Here is a summary for my hanging activities for the first 8 months. I started hanging May 15, 2001.

Month Weight (pds) Days /time (mins)

May/June 5 5/45

July 7 5/45

Aug 10 5/60

Sept 12.5/15 5/6/60

Oct 17.5 5/6/90

Nov 20/22 6/90

Dec 22/25 6/90/120

Jan(02) 25 6/120+

During this time and through todays date, I have been down less than a week due to injury.

The first 3.5 months I used a loop hanger( not good) then starting September 10, 2001 the BIB model hanger. Currently I’m hanging aprox. 1.5 hrs. a day 6 days a week.

I hope this is helpful.

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Thanks, Zep

I do think that’s helpful. It’s nice to have a month-by-month chart to look at to see what others have done. Sometimes just a mere sentence or two doesn’t suffice as well.

Not to be critical, but it was kinda difficult to understand looking at it. I didn’t quite understand from Sept onward. Maybe 5# 5d 60m as an example?

Anyhow, that is very helpful for me. It makes me realize how aggressive I was and how that increased the injury factor. If I can get others like Lil’ and Bigger and whoever to post maybe what they can remember from, say, their first 6 months for hanging this could really help lay a foundation for understanding the intro period to hanging. This I think is where we need to do some real conversation. What did you do month by month, guys? Analyze it all together and see what comes out as an ‘average’ that hangers can respect. I think that, and explaining better how fatigue is reached and what it should feel like will help prevent injuries such as mine and what others have had.



Max weight for one set was between 12.5 to 15 pounds .

I hung 5 to 6 days per week ( depending on how I felt)


I hung for a total of 60 minutes each day.

So what I’m saying is in my 3rd full month (Sept.) of hanging my maximum hang weight for one set was 12.5 to 15 pounds 5/6 days a day for a total of 1 hour a day.

So for Oct. (4th month) my max. one set weight was 17.5. I still hung 5/6 days a week but increased the time per day to 90 minutes.

Also consider that I had been P/Eing for a nine months before I started hanging and my dick was pretty well conditioned.

BH sorry to hear about your deal, hope you return soon;your energy is apprceiated. You maybe able to work on girth ?

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What has been your gains in the time you have listed?


I’m a full 2 inches longer and an one inch larger around in girth than when I first started PE almost 2 years ago. I give my hanging credit for an inch of that lenght.

Thanks for the pointers, Zep. Ehhh…. I think my girth is OK for the moment and that I’d probably get more out of total rest than any possible aggravation of it at this point. I want to be good to go.

Hey Zep,

Thanks for the valuable information. I was wondering, though. Were you hanging the most you could based upon your available time? That is, if you had more time to hang would you have increased your time up to, say, three hours per day? I’m just curious.



Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!


Good question, I was always careful for injury however probably would have hung maybe 25-30 percent more if I had the time.

Keep in mind I was trying to get to two hours of total hang time per day( my time goal ) which I did in January 02. So I charted out a program that got me there in what I considered a reasonable amount of time.

Three hours won’t work for my schedule but if you can do it and not hurt yourself absolutely go for it.

The one injury I had was from hanging 20 pounds with a woodie. As the erection subsided the blood went to the head . The first time it made my head totally massive . The second time it created a slight blood flow from the weep hole.

Took a week off and came back stronger than before.

Have a good day!

credit to gains

zep, you said you credit one inch of your two inch gain to hanging, what do you credit the other inch? What other PE do you think gave you the best gains? Iowa



I jelqed and manually stretched prior to hanging.

IMO when a person first starts a PE program the intial gains come much easier than the secondary gains. I think the first inch of length and 1/2 inch of girth would be considered “intial” increases. It’s the 2nd inch and more of length and greater girth( secondary gains) that you really need to work for. This is were hanging was and is invaluable. Now if I would have started with hanging then I’d guess that my gains would be greater in length by now.

I’ve said this before that IMHO hanging is the single most effective way to add length to your dick.

In my case I feel while I have put in the time it’s the time I don’t have that is slowing my progress. If I had to point to the single most important element after the intial conditioning period I’d say to hang a minimum of twice a day preferably morning and night if possible.

Other effective forms of PE are uli’s for girth along with the infamous horse squeezes.

My program maybe a lifetime deal but at this point who knows; but one thing for sure I’m not in a rush any more.

Also if it’s remotely possible tell your significant other about your hanging if you feel comfortable with that.

Hope this helps,


Thanks for the encouragement and the advice. I am working toward the two times daily and that should work okay. AM and PM. I am not sore, but sure know I have been hanging. The feeling is like you have worked out. Iowa

Hi ledzep,

I know this is an old thread but thanks for the advice. Just been reviewing my hanging routine. It is going ok but it just takes time to increase the weight. It is so easy to stick on the extra weight but I am trying to restrict myself to a .5kg 1 lb increase every 2 weeks. Bearing in mind more weight is not necessary better, so I have read.At the moment I am hanging 5.5 Kg. I will just monitor the situation. Thanks again for the above info. Best Wishes, Diesel.


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