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Message from Bigger

No offense to Bigger or anyone, but why is it such a chore for him to make these Bib Hangers at 140 a piece? Does it really cost that much to make one? If it is I apologize but personally for 140 a piece that’s a chore I wouldn’t mind taking on at all.



Originally Posted by Andrew69
Bib starter for sale $300.00 plus shipping….slightly used, as new condition.
Just kidding…for now :)

I wouldn’t say something like that even if you are joking, it could get you banned here! :)

Bib has a really nice job that requires him to constantly be on the road and dealing with clients. His product is “A # 1” and he does take time to make them right, this takes him out of his real first job which he can make way better money at hands down. He does have a big investment in the molding machinery to factor in. He keeps the production in house with his sons who are college aged and don’t really want to sit around and boil up gel and mold plastics for some guys dick contraption during a summer they can get out and party and have fun. This isn’t some Sweat shop in which people are putting 4 pieces of PVC together and charging you $140.00 it is the real deal. I own both a starter and a regular hanger.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Originally Posted by JapanNikon
***SMOOCHEY SMOOCH! You get the most specialist hug and kissy kiss of them all Captain! Enjoy***

There once was a guy named Japan
Who begged and begged to be banned
He hung out his noose, but from what I deduce
He insulted Bib with his plan

There once was a guy named Captain
It just so happened that Captain misunderstood Japan.
Japan had no plan, just honest concerns. Captain I only wish to attain an answer.
So Captain, I ask if it pertains please put away my noose and stop chasing me like I’m a goose on the loose.


Unfortunately, some guys think they are doing Bigger a favor by buying his unique, one-of-a-kind creations, but it’s really the other way around. I agree completely with twat’s and para-g’s comments, as well as Thunder’s if I understand him correctly. For the record, I own and use both the regular and starter Bib hangers.

I just found the timing all of this more than a coincidence, I am not saying it is not one, but does it not seem odd to you at all?

Great detective work Sherlock, if you had any idea what you were talking about you would know that Bigger would rather not make these hangers, and only does at the insistence of many of the members here.

This thread is about Bib, have some respect.

Why don’t you show some respect by getting a clue before you make statements bordering on accusation.

Originally Posted by CaptnHook
There once was a guy named Japan
Who begged and begged to be banned
He hung out his noose, but from what I deduce
He insulted Bib with his plan


I say we make him walk the plank.

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Here is my poor attempt at a rhyming ballad. All names have been changed to protect the identity of all involved (except for Cap and his streaking issues which is another story). Any similarities are purely coincidental and are not reflective of the person involved.

There once was a guy named Japan,
He was a newbie and never thought of a ban.

He thought little of the hangers of Bigger,
And didn’t realize he had a metaphorical gun to his head and was jumping on the trigger.

He cried of foul play at the cost of all the money,
And thought Bib was seriously not funny.

He jumped up and down striding through the town,
Screaming all is not right with ThunderSS.

He never realized to piss off Thunder was to fall a long way down,
In fact it was quite the blunder.

To stand in front of the lion and wag your tail in jeer,
Should give you caution and something to fear.

So run good Japan and speak not of this anymore,
And hope that all is forgiven and nothing unpleasent is in store.


"Yeah, we don't need another smart ass ... we have our share already." - ThunderSS

Alright, he spoke his mind, and unfortunately it was unfounded and against a very beloved name who recently retired. He has taken his beating and his tail is firmly lodged between his legs.

Any further abuse flung his way serves only to feed personal sadism.


That’s a reasonable question, and TT answers it perfectly. You needn’t hesitate to ask something like that here.

What trips said.

Please :donatecar to Thunder's Place to keep it running.

I realized a little late what it is that has really been going on here in this thread. Call me dense, but it’s true - I caught wind of the true identity of JapanNikon after seeing a parallel thread at MoS. My name is mentioned favorably in that thread as it relates to what has been happening here - but nobody should make the mistake of thinking that I approve.

I like to float between MoS and Thunder’s Place. I like Thunder himself and I like DLD. I can say with all sincerity that they are both excellent people. I try not to get wrapped up in the forum rivalry and I’m always grateful to both of these guys for the service they provide to thousands of men in need. They both treat me with a level of decency and respect that I sometimes feel I don’t deserve.
Despite the never-ending tension between the forums I think it is worth noting that in all of my PM’s with these two men neither of them has ever said a negative thing about the other - not personally nor professionally. Not even I can boast such an admirable claim. That makes the persistence of this beef all the more perplexing.

Bigger is gone. Out of respect for him I think this silliness should be left out of this thread. Better than any one of us could ever hope to, Bib rose above the forum rivalry. To allow a thread with his name on it to be used for that purpose in his absence is wrong.

I’m done now.


Dude, BiB is 94 years old and still kicking ass on the wild side. Don’t mess with the BiB.

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All this hugging and kissing,

It just brings tears to my eyes. For those of you who don’t frequent this board, most of us are pretty sad that bigger is leaving us…Many of the messages last week were to bigger begging him to support and sell his bibs. I think its dam nice of the guy (btw..who has already reached dick nirvana) to keep taking orders for a couple more weeks…….OK so now I’ll turn the other cheek…..

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What is all this garbage I’m reading?

Even if the whole “only available for the next two weeks” thing were strictly for money (which I don’t believe it is) … even if it was to create a spike in sales, SO WHAT?? If he really wanted to “cash out” he could’ve made them $300 a pop and then only have them available for 2 more weeks. 140 bucks is a DEAL for something handmade… handcrafted by someone who knows his shit. People pay double that for mass-produced dogshit PE products all the time.

You’d think for 140 bucks, that making one of those wouldn’t be a chore? Try having to make 500 of ‘em by yourself… you’d be wishing you were getting paid MORE, believe me. That was kind of a cynical accusation to make.

Anyway, those hangers are worth every cent! For those of you who do not own one, you should feel lucky that for this short time, you’ll be able to get one. Just think, somewhere down the line you might find out that hanging is the only way you’re gonna make any more gains! Then what are you gonna do? Think of the GAINS!! Think about how much joy having a bigger penis will give you… for the rest of your life! People spend double that on a pair of sneakers that they’re gonna throw away in a few months. A big cock is something you’ll have for LIFE (and is WAY cooler than some ugly sneakers).

Besides, I’d rather be broke with a big dick than be cheap and have a small dick.

Those things are one of a kind and there’s NOTHING else on the “market” that is comparable to it. Unless you’re a really wicked craftsman and can make one yourself, feel lucky that you can still own a piece of PE history. The Bib hanger is probably one of the most powerful PE tools to ever exist. I’m surprised there aren’t a million knockoffs out there already.

Okay I’m done with my commercial, but it’s all true. Any reasonable person who’s into PE would agree with me.

Bib was always helpful and cool to me. His story and his posts are really inspiring. I’m sure there are plenty of experienced hangers here that can answer any question they were asked, but Bib was THE man, ya know? I’ll miss his guidance.


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