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Lig Stretch or Skin? and what the heck are these "wires"

Lig Stretch or Skin? and what the heck are these "wires"

So I’m Hanging again with my clamp hanger since my blister is not yet 100% healed, I hope to use my vacuum hanger again soon.

I’ve had a great BTC hanging yesterday, I can feel “tears” right where my ligs are but I keep checking my skin to see if that is what tore, Its not a deep or lig like feeling, but I see no stress on the skin whatsoever.

Are Ligs unmistakable? what do they feel like?

Also, I’m hanging today and I can feel “Wire” type “tendons” running the length of my shaft right up to the ligs … I had to stop because they just dont feel right, did I discover my ligs for the first time? or is that something else entirely? I’ve never felt these “wires” before on my shaft (top) only at the base where the ligs are, what could they be?

I believe they call that the tunica, since no one responding. Could be holidays

There are no tendons in the dick. Studying penile anatomy and learning a lot from here can give you a good idea of what you’re feeling. Sometimes people describe a wire/steel coord like feeling when they stretch along their shaft in the middle of the penis. This is called the septum and is part of the tunica. If you think this is a problem for you then most people around here get around by fulcrum hanging or fulcrum manual stretching.

Do as much research as you can and learn from others successes and failures. Good luck.


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