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Inflamation while hanging

Inflamation while hanging

I’m just wondering because I know some other people have experienced this. When I hang with 10lbs. with the wench I get this inflamed puffy looking skin right under the head where the skin bunches up outside of the hanger. If anyone has had this problem and corrected it please let me know how. Thank you

I get the same problem, using a Bib Hanger and Theraband wrap. I think this type of soreness has a lot to do with hanger placement. I’ve also recently begun experimenting with pulling out my glans by different amounts before I clamp down the hanger.

I think much of the soreness is from stretching the skin, so maybe leaving a little extra “slack” might help.

I believe this is fluid build-up(which I’ve had a few times.), and it goes away in a couple minutes if you jelq a little after your hanging is done.

I always do a few jelqs and massage my unit for a good 15 min after hanging.

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I get the same thing!

I went ahead and made the Captain’s wrench about a week and half ago, been using it ever since. Great little hanger, very comfortable. I’ve used 3 so far, the grip, the bib starter and now the wrench. I’m getting a really good flaccid hang form the wrench like I use to get with the grip only without the problems.

Currently hanging 7 lbs, 3- 20min sets with 15 min jelk set afterwards. Yesterday I put the hanger a little further toward the base to help with swelling ahead of the hanger and it did seem to work better. I think I will alternate between mid shaft hanging and toward the base more to aliviate the swelling problem. Trying to slowly work up to higher weights. I get what appears to be a swollen vein on the right side of my unit ahead of the gripper.

Anyways, my Lot is between 6:00 and 7:00 best I can tell, but I’m going ahead and hanging SD hoping to squeeze all I can from my ligs. I think I should be hanging both SO or OTS to hit the tunica but want to try this for a while, maybe a month.

Thing is, I don’t feel any lig soreness that I’ve heard others talk about, even after 3 solid sets! Maybe need to get a little higher in weight?? I’m getting a good lig stretch from hanging and using an ads thru out the day but no lig soreness. Do you guys feel this after hanging? Just wondering.


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