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I'm a sensitive lad.

I'm a sensitive lad.

Hi. Thanks for clicking.

What I want to discuss in this thread is the fact that…my skin is quite the limiting factor. No, I’m not talking about skin stretch here. I’m talking about the fact that my skin gets chafed after about 4 sets. I keep hanging for six (even though I know I shouldn’t) and the irritation is just ridiculous at this point. It’s a chafing/brushing kind of irritation. Thus, the penuptial paragraph is now concluded.

Any of you kind gents have a prescriped method for defeating this whelk, perchance?

Try using some moisturizing lotion, apply twice a day, with enough time between your PE sessions and the applying time.

Until you build up a little more tolerance to what you are doing, I would stop after 3 sets. This is not meant to be torture you know. It is a long process, and you don’t have to force anything to the point of doing damage to get results. So back off and enjoy it a little more.

I have only found one type of wrap that doesn’t do this for me, and I can’t tell you what it is, because it’s a stip of thin black cloth from a bolt I bought long ago to cover tables at trade shows. But I can assure you that nothing else I’ve tried - nothing - works as well. So you might want to find a different type of cloth; perhaps silk?

You’ll have to have the second wrap of latex to keep everything from slipping off.

All good answers above.

First, it does take time for your skin to adapt to the stresses.

Second, a good Vit E lotion will do wonders for your skin. Not only use it after your hanging session, but also during. Just lather it on, then wrap.

Third, make sure your wrap is not at all abrasive. Don’t be afraid to try many different things.

That should about cover it.


For underwrap, I’ve been using this Johnson & Johnson Hurt-Free tape. It stretches kind of like Ace bandage, and sticks to itself for at least three or four sessions, but it’s not scratchy. I use about a foot long length at a time. I found it at my local big chain drug store.

Thanks for the suggestions, fellas.

I’ll report back.

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