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I`m new to hanging: Is there an "ideal" weight? (Bib and other experts, please read)

I`m new to hanging: Is there an "ideal" weight? (Bib and other experts, please read)


I`m 22 and new to this great site. My penis is normal 3,15 inch (8 cm) and erect just 5,5 inch (14 cm) maximum.
When I was 19 I have tried out some commercional PE instruments, such as Penistretcher (exact same modell like JES Extender, but for $140 and not > $600), Penis Plus and PeniStretcher. All those torture instruments had the same mechanism: A loop around your glans, in other words, torture pain after a few minutes of use. Fortheremore, the stretch force is not that big, and the direction is not ideal. So I have thrown those instruments away.
Pumping (not regular) had also no effects. And if you don`t use warm water (instead of room air) inside of the plastic condom of the pump, your penis will swell very big (due water movements inside of your penis) and look funny crazy deformed for 3-4 days.

During the last couple of weeks I thought about having surgery, but I have fear about possible complications. I found this great website and spent at least 20 hours in reading many posts. I came to the opinion that hanging will be the best option for me. I will give it a try for 1 year, and if I don`t see any gains, I can at least say “OK, I have tried everything” before having surgery.

I have just build the hanger you can see on Tom Hubbard`s site. Yesterday evening I have started to build the CCH3 hanger of Chickenchocker. I will also build a Bib hanger. I will try out which hanger is the most confortable for me, which position at my penis is the best, which wrap material is the best aso.

I will hang at least 2 hours/day (plus approx. 2 hours breaks). The hanging position will be 6 o`clock down. Will start with 2 pounds (1 kg) and slowly increase the weights.

Now my problem: I often read postings of profi hangers, who write they are hanging 11-22 (even 45) lbs. I am real shocked and get sick when I read those numbers. Hey, this are 5,5-11 kg (even 22,5 kg), my penis would break away!
I think that I will never be able to hang such high weights, so far I have no problem with 1,5 kg, but I think the maximum I will ever be able to hang will be approx. 8 lbs (4 kg).

Now to my question: I have an important question (theory), please read and write what you think about it:

1.) Is there a minimum weight you have to use to get any gains in length? That means: You have to hang at least X kg to be able to stretch your ligaments and erectile tissue. In other words: If you hang (X minus 0.5 kg), you won`t get any gains, NO MATTER how long training time you invest, simple reason: the stretching force would be not enough to achieve permanent gains.

2.) Is there a maximum weight Y kg, which is enough? In other words: If you hang (Y plus 0,5 kg) you won`t get better/faster results than if you would just use Y kg. That means, i.e. 4 kg could be enough, and hanging 20 kg won`t give you better results - they just would make you more pain and raise the risk of injuries.

=> Resumee of 1.) and 2.): There`s an minimum weight X which you have to take because lower weights will give you no results. And there`s a maximum weight Y, there`s no reason to user higher weights than Y because they wil give you no better results. Both weights, X as well as Y, are different for each individuial, of course.

What do you think about this theory? Especially to the profi hangers. What do you think could be the optimal weight for average people to get permanent gains in length?
This issue could be interesting for all hangers.
Thanks, and happy hanging ;-).

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thanks for moving my thread so fast to the hanger`s forum.
As I wrote, I will build and try out several different hangers and positions. It is like if you want to climb on the Mount Everest, you have to choose those pair of shoes which is the best and most confortable for you, because you will have to wear them for long time ;-).

A big Thank You to Tom Hubbard, Bib, chickenchoker, Captn Hook and all the others who open post the build instructions of their inventions, even with photos which makes it more easy.

Hi newbiehanger22. Welcome to the forum.

I’m sure others will chime in, but here’s my $.02:

>1.) Is there a minimum weight you have to use to get any gains in length?

Yes. Obviously, a feather tied to your dick won’t make it longer, even if you wear it all day. You need a weight that causes the tissue to plastically deform, and to sustain that stretch for a sufficient period of time.

Although you need a minimum effective working weight to gain, you probably need to start out lighter than that and work up to it. Even if the connective tissue can handle more at the start, the softer tissues - the arteries, veins, nerves and skin - take time to accustom to the stresses that hanging imposes. Plus, you have to learn how to wrap and use the particular hanger you have selected. Allow some time to work it all out.

Weight and time are inversely related. Hanging 5 pounds for 10 minutes per day isn’t necessarily more effective than hanging 3 pounds for 2 hours each day.

>2.) Is there a maximum weight Y kg, which is enough?

Yes. It is the weight that causes sufficient stress in the hanging time you have available. This is not necessarily the stress you feel after a single session of hanging. It is the cumulative stress felt after multiple consecutive days on your program.

I hope my answers above cause a change in your train of thought, because you seem to be asking for absolute weights. Those are highly individual. Start out light, say at 1 or 2 kg, and work up gradually in .5 to 1 kg increments - a pound or two at a time.

Work up your hanging time each day before increasing the weight. Meaning, start with one or two short sets, then go to 3, then 4, etc. on up to however many you can fit into the time you have available. The more time the better. Then slowly increase the weight so you feel some good work going on.

There is plenty of information in older posts. Your time is well spent reading and learning.


What hobby said.



Hobby I noticed you think the more times hanging the better. Do you recommend a maximum amount of time to hang? Is 4 hours to much 5 or 6 times a week? In sets of 20 or 15 minutes of course.

The Woodpile

>Hobby I noticed you think the more times hanging the better. Do you recommend a maximum amount of time to hang? Is 4 hours to much 5 or 6 times a week?<

It’s way too much for someone just starting out. If you’re new to hanging and jump into a schedule like that you’re very likely to run into problems. But it isn’t too much if you slowly work up to it. In Bib’s history post he said he took about 6 months to build up to hanging most of the day.

Many of us have a tendency to get ahead of ourselves. Resist the temptation. Don’t make large jumps in weight or daily hang time.


Dont worry about the maxiumum weight you can hang, it is as much as it is. Point.
When you will accustom to the weights you can go up in weight from time to time.
I currently hang only 3 pounds cause anything more will bring me pain.

The effective weight is the weight that makes you sore without having pain.

You found this place here after a long odyssee of lame commercial products, stay here.

My goal: from 11.9 cm NBPEL to 18 cm NBPEL (~7 ") or never...!!!! after 5 weeks(and a long break): 12.5 cm NBPEL


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