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How much is too much?


How much is too much?

I’ve been lurking on this site for a few years now and have done pe more or less consistently with emphasis on hanging most of that time. Over the years I’ve read several people, some flippantly, some not so much, say that they can hang with little to no pain. I’m not the most experienced by any means but I have never been able to hang with zero pain unless the weights were a very small amount. Out of curiosity how true has anyone found the statement of “no pain” to be? I’m open to new techniques as well but for the most part I go with the typical wrapping method and use a bib hanger with various weights.

The line between pain and discomfort is kind of vague, maybe some guys mixed that up? You’re supposed to steer away from pain, but discomfort and a “burning” feeling are okay. That is just what I’ve read anyways.

Pain where? In the shaft (tunica)? The skin? The glans?

I’ve never had pain in the shaft, only soreness. I get skin and glans pain all the time from shoddy hanger setup, though. I usually just have to re-wrap for that. What are you using for wrap?

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Generally the most pain is at the base of the shaft. Skin stretch is still the pain that bothers me the most. The dull pain from ligs really doesn’t bother me, but the burn from skin stretch ruins a session sometimes. I usually use an ace bandage as the primary layer and then theraband as the secondary layer.

I don’t hang, but do use an ADS most days, and I get burning, itching, sometimes a light dull pain or aching. but nothing that I would consider as real PAIN! If it would start hurting, I would reduce the tention. And I recommend the same for hangers.

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Well, believe it or not - I hang 8kg totally painlessly (2 o’clock angle) using wrapping from microfiber cloth and old ethernet cable tied in variation of 4 loop strangle knot. Sometimes hurts in the glans and needs re-wrapping, but only time I got pain from hanging (in ligs) was when I did 1.5h/ED third day in a row. Now I’m settled on 30min/ED.

To be more specific the skin stretch pain generally worsens with the number of sets. I can usually do 3 to 4 sets with no discomfort other than slight lig pull but after those sets, with the same weight, the skin stretch usually starts to flare up.

The burning may be from the Ace bandage compressing you penis. I had that problem also with burning using an elastic type of material to wrap and it ruined everything for me. LOL now I am using a Vacu-hanger instead of Monkey Bar ADS system. I am also uncut and I felt the extra skin aggravated me more a little more with materials that will compress so to speak

Vic20, I’m with you 100%. I hang between 6 - 12 times a week, from 20lbs. to 35lbs. max per session, and the longest time duration I can tolerate before restrapping or taking a decon break is 25-30 minutes. Hell if I know where the pain is localized exactly along my cock, I just know that sucker is on FIYA!!

Just be careful and err on the side of caution no matter what you do. I remember as a kid I used to have a pet gerbil, R.I.P., and one time accidentally pulled the hair shaft off its tail. Very nasty scene. Never realized a little animal could bleed so much. I know the human penis isn’t the same physiologically as a rodent’s tail, but whenever I experience intense pain during a heavy hanging session, that gerbil thought balloon stops me from going over the edge..

I read recently on bib’s site, I’m sure it’s an old post, about a guy that uses no wrap to hang. I’m trying that out right now. It seems to be working ok, no pinching or burning the only strange feeling is the blood trapped between the hanger and the glans. Not sure if I should try to squeeze out more blood before I hang this way or if it’s the same amount as has always been there but I can feel it now, from the outside, since there’s no wrap there. It’s almost as if the cc is rock hard in the area between the bib and the glans. Can’t be a good thing but I’m not sure how bad of a thing it is either. Clamping sessions are usually only supposed to go for 15 to 20 minutes and essentially apply the same principle so having that amount of blood trapped there for the same length of time shouldn’t cause too much damage other than a strange sensation. I’m only using 15 lbs at the moment which is a little lower than my usual amount of weight so the feeling may be very intense when heavy weight is applied. Oh well maybe it’s time that I focus on girth anyway. I’ve made steady gains in length but have done virtually no girth work aside from playing with clamping quite some time ago and power jelqing when I first started pe.

Well hanging without a wrap, using a bib hanger, seems to be working ok thus far. The only problem I’m having is that even with the top hex nuts and the bottom hex nuts completely tightened together, the bib is the smallest and tightest it can possibly be, I still get some slippage and have a little bit of pressure build up in the glans. There isn’t much pain on the skin from the hanger, but I’ve been hanging for a little while and the skin is probably toughened up quite a bit and I have a pretty high pain tolerance. Anyone else hang without using a wrap?

Originally Posted by vic20
Anyone else hang without using a wrap?

Ouch! I can’t imagine hanging without wrap. I use a strip of t-shirt material under the theraband. It is soft and comfortable.

I’m using t-shirt cotton strip, and a strip of an old bicycle inner tube over that.

I also use the same inner tube rubber on my homemade hanger.. The rubber on rubber grips great, with little need for over tightening.

Just started stretching this week.. love it.

For wrap I use plain old cotton strips that I cut from a triangular bandage. I don’t use anything other than that. I use a captain’s wench with a cable clamp to hold it all together. I can easily hang 20 pounds with that rig. The trick is to wrap tight enough that you compress the dick. Stretch out your dick as you wrap, and wrap it fairly tight. Then the hanger will have something fairly firm to “lock” onto.

Happy hanging hogaroos!

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