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How long do you hang


Thanks Mr F. Duly noted and will work on a better hanger I think

I originally posted this in the Hang time vs Weight thread…

I’ve posted it here because I think it’s implications are potentially very important…

Originally Posted by Mr. Fantastic
Something else I’ve discovered since my return to hanging— the difference a good grip makes to stressing the ligs.

I’ve fixed my bib so that I’m able to clamp it shut much tighter than I was originally able…

…now instead of it ‘slipping’ I can get it to grip my inner-penis with virtually no downward movement when the weight is attached and it makes a lot of difference to the effect of the weight.

Previous to breaking the the screw on my bib I was hanging 5 days on and 2 off and consistently increasing the weight. I got all the way up to 5.5kg (12lbs) with little problem apart from a lot of skin-stretch and lymph build up…

…where I’d broken the screw on my bib I thought I was getting a tight grip but it was in fact the wing-nut crossing threads with the tightening bolt and locking in place…

…the result was that I was getting lots of skin pull and lots of lymph build-up because the bib wasn’t tight enough to hang the heavier weights (I continued to hang just the same because at the time I thought that — since the wing-nut was locked tight — I was getting the grip I needed and that the lymph build-up just came with the territory (it was only when I took a closer look at the hanger that I realised what was happening)).

Since figuring out the problem and subsequently getting it tight on my inner penis, at 2.5kg (5.5lbs) I’m hanging less than half my previous heaviest weight and it’s hitting my ligs so hard that at one point they were stinging (not a good sign (if this happens to you discontinue hanging and consider lowering the weight))

…what’s missing from the equation, now that I’ve got the bib to grip tight, is the skin stretch (and the resultant lymph build up)…

…the conclusion I’ve drawn from this experience is: if you can get a tight enough grip on the inner-penis to eliminate skin-stretch then you can get an effective pull on the ligs at a much lower weight.

This is another potential variable to add to the list.

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