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Hi, new here

Hi, new here

Hi. I used to be on peforums waaaayyyyy back a long time ago; it seems defunct now. So here I am!

I wanted to make a post in the hangers forum about a great discovery I made using the modified bib hanger, but it says I need to be a member for 5 days and have 30 posts. That seems.. Odd. How do I make 30 posts if I have no place to post? Oh well.

Good to be here.


Hi Subbuilder2. Now you can.

Originally Posted by marinera
Hi Subbuilder2. Now you can.


So I have been using a homemade bib which I initially made years ago. It was comfortable to a degree, but put lots of pressure around the head and it didn’t seem right almost being a noose.

After looking over the modified bib, I gave it a shot, but I couldn’t for the life of me get it to attach well. I tried so many different wraps and ways of attaching, and adding side pieces, but it would always crinkle up (the rubber) I guess you could say and would cause really bad pinching.

So I was thinking to myself, if only the two pieces of rubber ‘slid’ along each other, then the rubber would not crinkle up and it wouldn’t pinch. I would get a secure fit.

So to that end I thought about lubes and such, then metal pieces, and then it hit me.

Non stick aluminum foil!

So now I do the wrap, then attach the inner rubber piece, then wrap a strip of foil over it with the non stick side facing out, then wrap a second strip non stick side in. Then attach the outer rubber.

Now when I tighten the hanger the rubber pieces slide in together, the aluminum acting as, well, slides.

It now fits and hangs perfect! I get a very secure fit (the sides receive the most pressure which is desired), its comfortable, no more pinching, no more rubber crinkling, etc.

Just wanted to share that in case it helps others.

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I use Saran wrap and yellow electrical tape, which is apparently illegal, so don’t tell anyone.

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