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help with hanging

help with hanging

hello everyone at thunder’s place

this is my first month of PE and so far so good…thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences…i just had a question about fatigue with regards to hanging…i’ve been hanging for 2 weeks now and i’m fairly possitive that i haven’t experienced fatigue as of yet…just stretching of the skin…i don’t even feel the stretch that i did by manual means…i can’t figure it out…i can hang 10lbs for 3 20min sets and nothing…i actually dropped to 15 min because i was experiencing poor circulation…i’ve read quite a few theads on fatigue and i’m pretty positive that it hasn’t happened yet…any suggestions would be greatly appreciated…thanks guys

Hey caribbean,

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caribbean pearl

2 weeks is not a lot of time but it sounds like you have some strong ligs, you might have to up the time. You also might want to read Bibs lot theory.

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Thanks guys for the quick responses!!

I read bibs lot theory and I figured i’m somewhere in the range of 9-8:30, so I think I should be focusing on btc correct me if I’m wrong. Since I really feel a good stretch btc manually, do you think that if I were to do some manual stretching until I felt that same stretch them began hanging that it would be more effective? As far as my schedule goes, I try to hang during the week (5 days) and take weekends off. Now I’m using a CCH3 and I find that any hanging over 15min results in circulation problems. I wrap with 1” cotton from approx 1” from the glans down to the base (well, as for as i can go because i have a serious turkey neck) and then follow that with some of that athletic tensor bandage in the same manner. Does using theraband help to solve the circulation problems?


It’s likely your wrap is causing your circulation problems - although, you may want to better define what you mean by “problem”. Keep your wrap relatively loose - don’t strangle your glans by wrapping too tightly.

Try wrapping just that part of your unit that will contact the hanger - wrapping your entire shaft can only bring complications. Less wrap is always better IMO.

I also think that Theraband is by far the most comfortable and versatile wrapping material.

BTC is perfect for your LOT. Focus on that exclusively for starters. Allow the time it will take to slowly break down your ligs and go nice and easy in the beginning. Don’t sweat the issue of feeling fatigue - instead, spend the time to really get to know this process and work out the kinks you are experiencing. Fatigue will come.

Stretching before a hanging session is something I personally like to do - but I do it with my hanger attached. Stretching this way helps get your unit prepared for the stress you are about to apply to it and allows you to check out how well your device is holding - among other benefits, like encouraging fatigue.


Thanks Cap,

Yes I do tend to wrap as much of dick as I can, maybe thats my problem. When I wrap I tend to do it on the tight side, but my unit never shows signs of poor circulation until I attach my bib. Where can I pick up some of this theraband?

Well I’ll keep plugging away btc and just see how it goes. Right now I’ve been clamping between hanging sets. Do you think thats a good way to restore the oxygen to the tissues? Or should i do my clamping completely separate from them?

thanks again for the info Cap

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