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Help me Cap'n, I'm useless!


Help me Cap'n, I'm useless!

Not sure if this is bad etiquette, but I’m desperate to start hanging, too poor to buy an actual Bib hanger, and utterly useless at making things…

I’ve tried a couple of times to make a cap’ns wrench since it’s so cheap and most people here seem to think it’s an effective and discreet option. My closest effort still seemed far too unsafe to risk my dick in it!

I was wondering, is there anywhere I can buy a cap’ns wrench? (if not, there should be!)
Or, if there’s someone in the UK who has made a successful wrench, maybe I could buy it, or another one you could make. Needless to say I’d pay for all the material, posting and extra for the help…

I’m getting frustrated at not being able to start, I’d appreciate any help

What about getting a part time job for a few hours on the weekend?
Then you could buy a Bib Regular or Starter and maybe have some money for the next PE thing you want.
Just an idea.


Wow, employment! well I’ll be, I never even thought of that. My money and my hanging woes are over…

Ha ha, only joking. Although I’m a student I do work a bit. I think the issue of money is really this: technically, of course I suppose I could afford to buy a starter bib hanger. BUT, it’s a really very expensive and indiscreet machine to be buying with no real guarentee that it’ll work for me. Shall I shell out over $100, get it shipped over to the UK, for a 1/4” longer cock (maybe)?

Like many people I figure making a cheap and innocuous looking hanger is ideal. Unfortunately I’m piss-poor at any kind of engineering so thought I’d make an appeal, everyone here is always so friendly and helpful…

To be honest, I suppose I’ll end up buying a Starter Bib Hanger. Which raises questions in me: how much are people prepared to spend on gains? How much have people already spent on gains?

I actually just finished making a wench about 5min ago…and I have yet to try it out.

If you’ve got all the materials, you should keep working on it. My Captain’s wench doesn’t seem very substantial, but it works. It just took me a little while to figure it out. Really the key is just having something fairly strong with a strap wrapped around your penis and then the cable clamp, squeezed tightly, just holds it on. I put a little window stripping insulation on the inside of mine and I don’t even use wrap.

I just tried it out, and I too thought it seemed flimsy at first. However, after I got it set up correctly following the captains pictures and clamped right, I tried some stretching. I felt a strong pull on the whole length and particularly strong on the “top side” of my unit.

At first I thought, “theres no way this could hold weight…”. Then I smacked myself in the head when I realized I’d forgotten about the clamp!

I understand. Just thinking that the time spent trying to make a hanger and then actually getting it to WORK could be converted to a net wage at a building supply store (selling wench components) and you might find that investing in a proven performer is the way-to-go. Throw in the cost of a trip to the emergency room to stitch up your johnson and just maybe you will seriously consider polishing your resume and putting your walking shoes on. Just kidding around of course.

I have been very judicious concerning the $/gains equation. I have constructed quit a few PE contraptions myself (engineer). I even made a wench. Could not get it to hold but did not use a cable clamp like most here suggest. I estimate that I have spent about $350 per 1 1/4” gain. How do you put a price on deeper penetration? Maybe it will save my marriage …that alone is worth half of my net worth right?

But seriously, my income circumstances have deteriorated recently so I totally understand why you are being careful. 3/4” of my gains were from free manual exercises so definitely focus on getting those gains first.


Bib Starter: $95
Penis Pump: $110

1/2” more on your dick: priceless


You can make a Wench. Just get Ind strength Velcro 2” wide - 1” nylon strap 3 feet or more - medium Cable Clamp. I got it all at WalMart but any department store should have it. For the grippers I used a 84 cent pair of padded insoles. I just cut 4 - 1”X2” rectangles out of one of them. I couldn’t find real grippers the right size. Glued 2 of them together so they were 1/4” thick. You want the grip side facing your dick (which is the side that lays against the bottom of shoe). Total cost about $11.00 it holds great. It really is easy. You’re only working with 5 separate parts including Clamp. For wrap you need 2” piece of t-shirt around 15” long and instead of Thera-band buy a bicycle inter-tube cut out a piece 14” long then slit it open length wise then slit it again length wise at around 2-1/2” wide. I also washed the inside of tube to get white powder off. Never know what chemicals are in it.

PM me if you need help.

(Started 2/21/06) BPEL 7.125 - NBPEL 5.625 - MSEG 5.625

(As of 8/23/07) BPEL 7.5 - NBPEL 6.000 - MSEG 5.87

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Tom check this out, I bought this plastic thing for 20p and the rest is just stuff laying around the house. Ofcourse, like you, if I could afford it right now I would get the bib hanger since it’s so much easier to use.

But this does me fine for now.

Originally Posted by VA06
Tom check this out, I bought this plastic thing for 20p and the rest is just stuff laying around the house. Ofcourse, like you, if I could afford it right now I would get the bib hanger since it’s so much easier to use.

But this does me fine for now.

Link removed

Unfortunately that link takes you to the log in or sign up page of MOS.

Why not just post it here instead?

I was gonna say, RootCap's hot. - kitten

Ok I thought you could just view without signing up. I basically poisted a few pics of my setup of a very cheap hanger that works great and is comfortable. It was easier to just post that thread that do it all again. But I’ll gladly post it here, I just have to find the pics. I’ll make a new thread about it.

Ok guys check it out

This is a very cheap and yet very effective hanging setup. I call it the VA06 cheap ass hanger v.1 ;)

Ok the round plastic thing cost me 20p, you can buy them from any builders or merchant shops. Ask for pipe clamps or pipe secure rings, or whatever the hell they are called. Basically it goes around a pipe, holding it against a wall and then you screw it into the wall. To it just holds a pipe solidly against the wall.

The rest of the hanging setup includes

Bandage/soft wrapping to go around the penis
Shoelace to go in and around pipe holder
A small bag or weights to hang off of the plastic pipe holder

Incase there is any confusion I will describe in exactly what order I go about my hanging routine

-5 minutes warm up-up with hot damp cloth around penis
-5 minutes manual stretches


-I wrap the bandage around the penis, under the glans.
- Holding the bandage in place firmly, I place the pipe holder around the bandage from above, so that the 2 little holes [ie: the ends] are at the underside of the peni, not the top.
-Using a shoelace I run it through the 2 holes in the pipe holder and tighten the pipe holder and then do a knot. But this one knot is usually not enough to hold it firmly so I wrap the strings of the shoelace around the penis [over the bandage ofcourse] and then do a second knot underneath again, now it is secure.
-I then use a small cloth bag with any amount of weight or objects inside it that I like and I hang this from the plastic hanger. The way I do this is I wrap the strings of the hanging bag around the 2 little pertruding ends of the pipe holder. As long as you arent dancing around the room, this is a secure way to hang any weight. If you want to be extra safe, you could somehow run a second shoelace through the holes of the pipe holder and use that to hold the weights. I sit very still when hanging so I’m find with just running the strings around the pertreuding arms of the pipe holder.

Not much else to it really.

Just remember to always warm up and warm down. I’m still a newbie myself so I’m hanging no more than 5lbs.

Hope this helps.

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*Double post*

Here is a pic of that badboy in action

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