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Having a LOT of trouble hanging comfortably. Any advice?


Glenn Delta,

Go to and look at the FAQ page. There you’ll see three links for Theraband. I just bought mine last night from WisdomKing. I recall them being the cheapest. Go for Silver (Super Heavy).

If it’s not a link, we should have a link in the Links section for Theraband merchandisers.

Great. I had not noticed the URL change and thought his whole site was going down at the end of May.


>How much coralation is there between height and penis size? It would be interesting to see some members height to size ratio. Beginning stats and how well they progress would be of interest also.<

Very low.


>I’ve stretched a lot of skin…. I’m not sure I’m “grabbing” the internal structures. When I attach the BIB Starter the front portion is perhaps 2 inches behind the glans when the penis is stretched out. I tighten the hanger pretty tight , I then attach weights and the front end of the hanger slides down the penis ‘til it’s about 1/2 inch behind the glans…. My question is does this sound like I’m correctly grabbing the “internal structure”. <

All of your statements make sense. Look at it this way. You attach two inches behind the head. The hanger ends up .5 inches behind the head. Assume you started with tight skin, you would have to stretch 1.5 inches of skin before you impacted the ligs and tunica completely. The question is, why do you put it on two inches behind the head?

How much, if any, the hanger slides down depends on the distance from the head, the tightness of the hanger, and the amount of weight used. At lower weights, it might not move the way you are doing it. But at 15 lbs, you would have to tighten a lot for it not to slide down some and just stretch skin.

The internal structures, at higher weights and the correct hanger tightness, tend to compress toward the head rather than actually moving in relation to the hanger. The correct tightness allow the shaft to take much of the weight rather than the head. However, at higher weights, the head will tend to take some of the weight. Just make sure the front thumbs are on each SIDE of the head.

Well, that was probably confusing as hell. Just ask questions.



You do need to stretch skin in order to grow, the “internal structure” to me is the penis core just beneath the skin layer.

Your description of lig soreness sounds right. Consider, instead of a day off if you hung through the soreness at a reduced hang, say 75 % of your max until you couldn’t hang 50 % of your max. Then you rested as required. Growth will occur in this fatigued state, the more hanging; within reason you can do while slightly sore should help length gains.

Bigger it’s like a breath of fresh air having you jump in once in a while.

Discomfort while hanging


Thanks for your prompt response. I’d read about going to the 50% level,but I had forgotten it. Because of my lack of much increase I was concerned that I wasn’t gripping the underlying structure properly even though the ligs felt they were getting a workout. I had not gone far enough to have to reduce weight by 50% so that quite possibly explains lack of hoped for progress.

Amen, to your remarks to Bigger It’s nice to know he’s still dropping in once in a while.


Surfer1 .


Getting to a ” fatigue” point where your hanging at aproxomately 50% of your max is no easy feat. Sounds to me that when you get to your 3rd straight day of hanger your at a point where you may be able to get close. Then try and stay close to this zone if possible.

The wild card in this whole hanging process may well be the addition of an ADS program. Follow the thread that P9 and lil2bg1 are building . This could ultimately be one of the keys to an effective enhanced lengthing program .

If you get a chance do a search for healing and read this post it’s very educational and may shed some light on the growth process.

Good luck and any more questions just ask.


Thanks very much for the help. That’s one (among many) of the great things about this site and the people who use it. Always quick replies and always helpful. Thunder, you’re a blessing. I need to send you a bouquet of ramps - sure you don’t get them in AZ.


Whew - Thunder, you don’t want to know!!!
Actually, ramps are a wild growing version of onion/garlic. They look like green onions growing in the wild. In the East, many rural communities have “ramp festivals” where they cook the damned things in all different ways. I have eaten a few and then put up with the stench torching from my mouth and oozing out of my pores for days afterwards. They are harvested in the spring. If you want to try some, I’ll see what I can do!


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Thunder, Thunder, Thunder:

And I thought you were from WV. It’s one of the first things I learned about after I met my - now wife - who was born and raised in Charleston (WV). Jelktoid (must live on the WV side of PA) is right. They have festivals, wine, queens and God knows what all in honor of the ramp. I’ve heard if you eat them, the pores of your skin carry the odor for days.

Guess you’re not from the hollers - I believe they call the people “crickers.”

All you guys have a good holiday weekend - I’ll be at a trade show, but at least it’s in New Orleans,


OK, I got it now, wild onions. I’ve actually had them before when I was real young. Got myself out of a dentist appointment with them once. Never heard the term “ramp” before, but then there is a lot I’ve never heard before. And yes, I am from deep in the hollers.

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I also use the bibstarter. My glans also tends to get cool and darker red, especially towards the end of a 20 minute set. I don’t consider it to be a problem. Just be diligent and check on willie every little bit. Nobody said hanging weights off your dick was without stress.

I also found that using heat on the whole penis between sets tends to make it fill with blood, making the pressure during hanging worse. I mainly apply heat only to the base now, only applying heat to the tip to prevent frostbite (ha). As someone else said, squeeze the head just before clamping the hanger.



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