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hanging 'upwards'?

hanging 'upwards'?

Having been jelquing/stretching for 5 weeks now I’ve started to look into hanging. My LOT is very low (about 7) so I presume I’d need to hang ‘upwards’ (btw - is this right?)

As a side note, I find when stretching upwards I feel hardly anything, yet when stretching straight out and down I feel a definite deep burn in my ligs and between my legs. Doesnt this contradict the LOT theory?

so, how do you hang upwards? surely ‘hanging’ means downwards? !!!! I’m confused!

thanks guys

My LOT is definitely at 7 SS!

Thunder: So are you saying if you have a low lot then your ligs shouldn’t get sore?

No, I was suggesting that wondering if.. recheck his LOT before assuming that his ligs were contradicting the LOT theory. Quite a few guys don’t do the LOT check correctly the first time they try. I am also guessing that if a guy starts doing a decent BC workout that he may see a change in LOT after building up his BC muscles. This is just a guess though.

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You can easily feel lig work, by stretching or hanging at the lower angles, without the potential to gain from that lig work. The ligs will be stresses, stretched, etc, but there will be no actual shaft to expose from that work.

>so, how do you hang upwards? surely ‘hanging’ means downwards? !!!! I’m confused!<

It is simply redirecting the force of gravity by hanging with a cord attached to your hanger, and the cord and weight going over your shoulder, or through a pulley.


Thanks for clearing that up for me. I know my lot is around 8 so I will keep doing BTC/SD until it is lowered. Do most people get theirs all the way down to 6 before going to other angles?

thanks everyone. So its gonna need quite a bit of privacy to do this hanging business!!


>Do most people get theirs all the way down to 6 before going to other angles?<

It depends on other factors like, are you making significant gains at a good rate of gain? How much inner shaft can you palpate? What is the distance like from the bottom of your pubic bone to the exit point?

IOW, if you know there are still gains there, you might continue on at the lower angles even though you are at 6. But I would say the vast majority of guys with a 6 LOT have no more potential for lig gains at this time.


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