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Hanging questions

Hey guys I’m starting to try hanging now. I haven’t really gained much more in length I’m just shy of a full 6” but my girth is over 5” now. So I have read all of the hanging 101 but there was some information that was confusing.

1st is the weight limit. I tried 2.5 lbs for a day and I really didn’t feel anything after my 3 sets at all. Is that not enough weight? Should I stay there anyways.

I did try 4 lbs today to see if there was much of a difference and all though I feel it much more I still don’t feel maxed out. I’m on my first set so I’m not sure what 3 would be like.

Should I stay with 4lbs or go with 2.5 and just do the schedule of increase sets by week until I get to six sets then move up the weight?

Also I have always been a bad turtler. When I get get done hanging should I keep a theraband on to keep this from happening? Is it ok to wear a wrap all day without causing any damage?

I can't post this in the hanging section I don't have enough posts :up: .

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Thanks for moving this, any help is appreciated.


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