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Hanging for tunica stretch?

Hanging for tunica stretch?

OK, this may sound like a really dumb question, but i’m gonna risk being mocked here, because I really need to know. When hanging for tunica gains…I.E. straight out, or up. We want as much of the actual tunica to be getting stretched as possible…right? So after the hanger is attached, how much of the shaft is recieving the stretch? The whole thing, or just the part above the hanger? I would guess that if the hanger is mounted about mid shaft, that the weight would drag the excess skin down towards the head, where the hanger would then anchor and rest, allowing all of the internal tunica, along the whole shaft to be stretched. But I could also see it possible that the tighness of the hanger may dis-allow everything in the hanger, and below (towards the head) not to recieve a stretch. Any advice would be appreciated, and sorry if this is a really obvious thing.


-Raptor15 (7.5"X6")&Rising

Bib says that even the shaft in the hanger gets stretched. For an explanation you´ll need to wait for him though!

Not to seem rude, but if it is growing does it matter? ;)

I have seen a growth spurt of about a 1/4” in about 3 days hanging (correctly) OTS. Of course I only measure every 2 weeks so I am not sure if that is all it was. I also do some stretches and such, lazily of course.


Going for 7.5X6, then 8.5X6.5, then who knows. Girth Brooks - "Didn't get any real gains until I started shutting my cock in a car door and then falling back."


If you feel any pressure at all on the head, then you can be sure you are receiving at least some tunica stress all the way to the head.

At very light weights, you may not feel this pressure at the head. But at higher weights, it is almost a given.

Almost any hanger cannot support a good amount of weight only on the internal structures of the shaft. The head must take some of it.


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