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Hanging at base

Hanging at base

Hi all I’m new to this forum my name is james and I am from England.Age 22

I have just started what I think is a new method of hanging but maybe it has already been tried.
But anyway I’ll try and explain what it is.

I have made a circle with a bit of thick string.On one end is the weights and on the other end I have wrapped some toilet roll around it which I have secured with some tape.What I do next is to place the end with the toilet roll over the base of my penis.Then I grab the head of my penis and pull it upwards.After this I allow the weights to hang this causes a good pull on the ligs.At the moment I have started out light with just 4lbs and will add weight as I progress.Do any of you think that this is a safe method? It seems fine to me and also could you please let me know if this has already been tried.


11/02/07 BPEL 7.6" EG 5.2"

Goal NBPEL 8" EG 5.5"

don’t the weights slip off?

No the weights don’t slip off.

Do you mean slip off the penis?

11/02/07 BPEL 7.6" EG 5.2"

Goal NBPEL 8" EG 5.5"


If I understand your description, it sounds like a variation on the V-stretch.


Yea you could do the same thing without all the engineering with your hands…but, hey, if he likes this great.

Thanks SS4Jelq

I thought that the V-stretch was something like this but when you use the weights it takes a lot of pressure off the hands.Also you can then use both hands to pull the penis upwards with more force.When I first described it I said that it gives a really good stretch on the ligs but it seems also to really stretch the tunica a heck of alot.

IRT Stillwantmore22

I think that with the weights you can probably apply more force and this will hopefully bring better results.

When I did my nickname I put my age at the end are you 22 as well?

11/02/07 BPEL 7.6" EG 5.2"

Goal NBPEL 8" EG 5.5"

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