load and clamps

Just a small warning. I had a lot of slippage with my Wench when hanging tunica around 15-17 lbs and that is why I got a Bib. Since your flaccid is longer than my arm, you may not have any problems but be careful at higher weights. Isn’t 20 close to the record for the Wench? Or did someone top it already?

-Tom “Fellow PE Bruiser” Foolery

I hung 40 pounds just below the circumcism scar for 20 minutes, and then after the next 20 minutes ended up with a blood blister the size of a dime that knocked me out of PE commission for months. The good news was that during this time, I lost only about a 1/2 inch on the measurements, meaning that after more than a year of hanging, gains were almost fully cemented. I’m back in the saddle, and am at 25 pounds but I hang at the base, concentrating,I hope, on the ligs.

I don’t use a clamp. I wrap with 2 ace bandages (opposite ways).The second wrap is wrapped tightly around the wench and then back up the penis to hold the straps in place during the hang BTC.

My flaccid hang isn’t up to snuff yet, but the after hang stretch is at least 1/2 inch greater than before the blister incident.

I’m still afraid to hang too close to the end, fearing the blister may rapper (there still is discoloration after the hang), and haven’t attempted a 3 hang session yet.