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Hang For Real Gains!

Hang For Real Gains!

Hi all, its good to be back on the hanging scene. Hi BIB, its real good to see that your back. Just want to point out a trend that Ive notice in the past 3 months. It seems that after about 1.5”-2” of gains with the jelking method, the gains seem to stop. I think it was jelktoid who gave an explanation of this and I would like to confirm this with my experience. Ive been jelking for about 1.5 years and gained a total of about 1.75” length and about 1” girth. Then for the past 4-5 months, I couldnt gain nothing. Ive tried everything with the same results…nothing gained. Then after reading jelktoid’s post that explained it all. Jelking will take you up to about 2” of gains, but if you want more than that, then hanging weights is the way to go. It sort of made me sorry I stopped hanging about 5 months ago, cause if I didnt, I would have had the gains I was looking for, but Im thankful that I woke up and realize that I made a mistake.

I started hanging yesterday and got in a good set. 3 sets of 20 mins at 10 and 12.5 lbs. Felt real good. Infact I started at 5lbs but couldnt feel the weight, so I went to 10 lbs and it felt better. I have a much clearer view of what it will take to get the gains. BIB repeatedly stress the fact that you have to hang in the fatigue state for the gains. In other words, when you get to the popint of fatigue, hang in another set or two even if you have to cut the weight in half. This is the point in which gains are most likely to come. I will follow this concept and also not overdo it like I did before and will keep my gains posted. I am presently for the past 5 months at 7.75” bpel and 5.5” girth. I lost girth when I stopped hanging, strangely. My girth when I was hanging was almost 6” at the base and 5.75” midshaft. Hanging really does give your base a good girth. Anyway, having said enough, looking forward to hanging and good luck to all you hangers.


Thanks Thunder, will do. My unit sure does feel alot better now. The hanging after the fatigue takes hanging to a different level. The wrapping plays a very important part in the quality of your work outs. I use an elastic cloth, the one that first aiders use to bandage a limb. Well, I cut a 15” x 4” piece and wrap the ol unit then I wrap the theraband over this. I find that wrapping the theraband over the elastic cloth is much easier and the hanger can clamp tighter than before. This wrapping use to be my bottleneck in the past, but using this method, I can wrap in less than 1 minute. My hanging sessions are alot more effective too. Will see how the progress goes.


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