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I am not coming back to the forum until I am in the 8 inch club. I started PE in May with a 5.5 bpel penis,I am currently at 7.25 and with a “killer”erection it is 7.5. I have been interogated on how I can acheive almost 2 inches in so little time. I am easy going and didn’t really give a shit about the doubts and still don’t. I am very damn sick of the constant “whats your routine?”,”whats your diet?”,are you measuring correctly?”. I think my explanation that I was in piss poor penile health and very much needed the increased blood flow is good enough. Now these “enormous”gains have stopped and I have to actually work.

When I came here I was a big dummy on PE with a goal to learn and get a BIGGER penis. What I have learned is that my routine will not work for you and that your routine wont work for me,if that were’nt true we would tie Bib up and give truth serum to fess up. The “scientists” want to know how much of this and how much of that;Geez.

After trying everything under the f*ckin sun to enlarge my penis(pills,pumps,ets.),I have through careful consideration started hanging 9/12/03. The idea was very undesirable before,I thought surely there is some kind of easy secret to enlarge it overnight.Now I am questioning why I havent started sooner because it makes more sense than any other method(with jelq 2nd).

Bigger(Bib),if you read this you have made a product to hang with that cant be equaled and I mean that. Ive tried a little of everything and the Bib Hanger is the cadillac. Now I have the tool to go from 7.25 to 8.00. I am going into seclusion from the board Monday until I am at 8.00 BPEL. Bib, I will email if I have any questions or concerns. The time I have been spending at the forum,I can spend hanging to get a dick. My goal for this feat is Oct.31st,hopefully sooner because I really enjoy hearing everyone experiences and stories. So After Monday it is so long until my goal is met,which it will be because I have got a great hanger and have the knowledge and determination to use it.

Take Care, CJ

> I have been interogated on how I can acheive almost 2 inches in so little time.

Many guys are like you were, searching for a way to make quick gains with little work. When they see someone make such rapid progress they figure he must know “the secret.” The only secret is that there isn’t a secret. :)

>I think my explanation that I was in piss poor penile health and very much needed the increased blood flow is good enough.


I hope you reconsider and decide to stick around. You may reach 8” by Halloween, but don’t be surprised if it takes longer. Why not read the forum while you hang?

An analogy, if you don’t mind:

I’m overweight by about 50 pounds. Although I belong to no weight loss forums, I could imagine such a place has discussions similar to the ones we have here. If I were to join such a group and follow the weight loss principles advocated by the group, and lost thirty-five of those pounds in a two month period without ill health or detrimental side effects, and reported my loss to the group don’t you think there would be some skepticism? Those who did believe me would very likely ask how I did it. Probably several would ask the same questions. Face it cj, better than average performance in places like this will always bring questions. Those who have better than average gains will always be asked how they did it. It comes with the territory.

Your new sig indicates you have a sense of humor, but it also shows your frustration with the disbelievers. One can never get away from the newbie questions and doubting Thomases here, so why not stick around and become a guru rather than a hermit? Helping others achieve their goals is one of the rewarding things about participating.


What hobby and westla said.


You guys are all right,everything you said. I am not leaving just taking a hanging vacation. I can not leave this forum because Ive learned so much and love hearing others experiences;whoever thought I would find a place to talk about dick size obsession. I am not being a hermit,but focusing my time on hanging until I reach the milestone.Truth is a spend a lot of time lurking. It is important to know that I am not fed up with the disbelievers enough to quit the forum. When I return,my gains cant be credited to more blood flow,but to hanging and jelqing. This is important to me,my not returning back to the forum until I am 8.00,is good motivation because I love this place. I hope this better explains my decision.Westla,yeah it was my own fault to put my stats in my sig,I should have seen it coming a mile away. I will be shouting from atop Mount Olive with hanger in hand when I return,and will be a witness to the power of hanging.

Take Care,Cj

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