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Going to College, need help.

Going to College, need help.

Hey all, I’m a senior this year and will be going to college in the fall.

With regards to PE, does anyone know how I will be able to get this done? I believe the freshmen dorms don’t have personal bathrooms and I can’t do it in the room or I’ll run the risk of a roommate walking in. I guess I could PE in the showers, but I’d have to shower 30 mins+ a day.

Also, does anyone have any experience on college sloots? The college I’ll be going to (and the surrounding area]) apparently does not have many available attractive females, but regardless, I assume college women will have more sexual experience. Do you guys know how an average penis size stacks up for college girls? I’m 6 inch bpel on a good day at max EQ, but I am low body fat so nbpel is about the same and 4.5ish inch girth. I guess this is about average or below average. I’m also a bit baseball bat shaped if that has any meaning.


There will be plenty of times to jelq, but you might have to switch to dry or break it into pieces through the day.

As for the honeys, college is a happy place for that. Learn some skills, be confident without being an ass. Good luck. Good times are ahead.

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It sounds like you’re having really great results with manual exercises from your other posts. If you need to, you can just pack a small towel and some lube in your bag and go PE in a building that does have a private bathroom. My advice, just keep doing the manuals. If you’re looking to hang, you could potentially get sets in while your roommate is at class.

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