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Getting Back Into Hanging

Getting Back Into Hanging

I’m making this thread because I want to get back into hanging.

I was using the Captain’s Wench and I had problems with blood getting trapped in the head. It seemed like I squeezed the blood out but about halfway through the set the head would start to change color a little. I started hanging in late August 2010 until probably sometime around March. That’s when red dots started to form and I needed to take a few months off.

Also, I basically never felt any aching/soreness in the ligs when I would hang. Just slightly very early on.

I want to get back into hanging but I’m not sure if I should get a different hanger. Should I get a Bib hanger or was my wrap bad with the Captain’s Wench? For wrap I used a HTW and a piece of Theraband.

I would appreciate any little bit of help because I want to get back into hanging. I can provide more info if it helps come up with a solution.

I would say it was your wrap. Bib hangers are great though. So if you have the money get one.

If you are going to hang, do it right. Invest the 100 bucks, get a bib, read the forum, listen to the vets. It takes time and practice to get the technique right, so hang in there.

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Can I ask what direction did you hang? I had the same thing. Just started hanging again with 3 x 10 min sets at 3kg but I introduced new angle, straight out and over the side of the bed while laid on it. Previously it would be straight down. Haven’t tried over the shoulder yet. It gave me some aching feelings especially when I did some jelqs afterwards. Could be progress. Never used the hangers that are mentioned though . Good luck!

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I used a Wench with a bungee cord and bracket. I bought both from Monty’s site. I read a lot of his posts and liked his methods and ideas. He used a Bib hanger for hanging though.

You have to calibrate the bungee cord so you have an idea of the amount of force it generates. You put the bracket on a door and close it to create an attachment point for the bungee cord. Then you attach the bungee cord. You can adjust the bracket height and also turn your hips to do OTL stretches. I like the variety and ease of the bungee cord. Almost everybody uses actual weights though.

I think I’m going start again with mentality of one step at a time. Get the wrap just right before I go into actually hanging.

I’m probably going to only do about 2-3 sets per day since I’m in an engineering program and that takes up a lot of time. I will be wearing PE Weights I also bought from Monty.

Thanks for the responses so far. If anybody else had similar problems or switched to a Bib hanger I would like to hear about it.

Another question. I’ve put on maybe 10lbs and I’m 6.5”x5” nbp now. Should I get the Bib Starter? Is that what most guys use?

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