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Fulcrums from any angle


Gawd, the oral issue is a haunter, at least for me. My girth will increase some more over time, but it’s a real mixed issue for me. I need my headjobs, bro.

Anyhow, Monty - I am going to be doing the lateral fulcrum work with the bungee when I receive it. However…

I am concerned about the issue of exponentially ramping up the pressure applied to my penis via fulcrum work. How do I account for this so I am not going totally apeshit on it? Let us say that I am in a SO bungee setup.

1. Should I back off a bit on the SO force used, knowing that it will increase with fulcrum application? Or,
2. Do I use the same force setting as in regular SO, and then apply my fulcrum pressure?

The idea of using my hand, finger, w/e to do the fulcrum seems tedious and quite prone to be affected by fatigue. I am considering using some type of belt around my leg, looping it around the outside of my leg and my penis as a circuit. Any thoughts?

You’ve got the right idea. Fulcrums will work fine at a lesser stress level. Matter of fact when you apply the whole aspect of this principle you’ll find yourself determining the stress levels by what you feel. As opposed to maintaining stress by the numbers.


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That’s probably the most golden principle in PE. Thanks for the comment and reminder.


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