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? for BIB and other hangers about soreness

? for BIB and other hangers about soreness


I have a question about fatigue/soreness. I’ve been hanging about 2-3 hours a day with the BIB. I’m getting some good stretches with it so far. My question regards where I should feel the work from the exercises. I feel a little sore along the shaft… not the skin, but the interior of the penis. Should I be feeling this more towards the root of the penis instead of along the shaft? I just want to make sure I’m targeting the correct area for gains. I’ve hanging with about 9 pounds while sitting in a chair if that help. or should I change angles to target another area… wrestlers or BTC


Sounds like you doing it exactly right! When you notice that you’re not getting the same fatigued feeling then try other positions. BTC is excellent and you can multi task - Wrestlers will also give you a really good stretch. You’ll also find that these positions will target the ligs more precisely than the seated position. Just take it easy and work up to them a little at a time. Exploit the weight and get the most out of it!

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thanks man… I’m definately going to take my time with this weight before I move up then…good to know I’m hanging correctly…from the new feeling in my penis I knew something was going on


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