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I am new and have started a nearly all jelq routine. I’ve been doing it for about 2 weeks now and know that isn’t any amount of time but the more and more i read all these posts the more i come to the conclusion that i will need to hang. But there is one problem i’m afraid! The thought of hanging weights from my anatomy freaks me out. I have seent that for the most part hangers have had more length gains and thats primarily what i want to achieve. I will also continue my jelqing of course. someone please put my mind at ease about this.



You could always try manual stretching. If you are not already you should be.

Classically hanging has the advantage of being able to increase the force incrementally but you would probably start with a force similar to that of manual stretching and work up.

If you want to hang then invest in good equipment. I have a Bib and its a quality piece of equipment. If you want to start hanging without spending then check out the homemade bib alternatives or the hangers on tom hubbards site. Easy to make and probably as effective with lower weights.

There are good gainers from both manual methods and from hanging as well as poor gainers for both.

You bet it scary reading about people hanging 20+ pounds off their unit. But start at one pound and work you way up S L O W L Y (over months and months), and you’ll see it’s not bad at all!

I got good gains under 12 pounds.

the thought freaked me out, but the bibstarter is ideal for hanging weights off your dick, you will be surprised at how strong your dick is.



I’m hanging 25 lbs. off my dick right now. But, I did start with low weights and moved up gradually.

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!


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