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Erections while hanging SO?

Erections while hanging SO?

Have any of you guys experienced or know of someone else who continues to get erections while hanging SO or in general? I never had this problem before, but now all of the sudden my unit keeps going erect while hanging SO. Is this a indication of something or what? All opinions welcome. Thanks.

I had that happen on occasion, was mostly the result of having been horny for awhile before hanging and not dealing with it. I’d stop my hanging set, jerk off real quick, then start hanging again. Usually took care of the problem every time.

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Please I’m begging you tell me what the letters “SO” mean ! I don’t know all the hanging terms! Thank you ! I love iron maiden!

How can you get an erection while hanging? What kind of hanger are you using?

I frequently had problems with erections while wrapping before a set, but when the hanger was properly tightened, there was no way in hell I could get wood.

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bib starter

Good answers all around.

Something like this used to happen to me a while back. I used to masturbate quite a bit before I started hanging so every time my hands even brushed against my penis the blood would start flowing; having the bib on there sometimes made me erect. Something you’re doing while hanging is triggering an erection. Are you surfing porn or maybe subconsciously zoning out a bit and thinking about sex while you hang?

First, make like Para-Goomba said and ensure the hanger is on tight enough(the teeth need to be fully meshed). Then, try doing something to take your mind off the hanging. Read a book, watch tv or play a video game. If the problem persists in 30 days, bump this thread.

Nope, no sex on my mind in fact haven’t had any since august. It’s weird I get an erection from the point of inner penis all the way to where the hanger is mounted. From the hanger to the glans, no erection of course. I use a bib starter, teeth are clamped all the way down. Maybe it’s just temporary

Hmm, actually T-rex, I think that’s happened to me a few times. The only solution I can suggest is to jerk off (or have sex) more so your dick isn’t as unpredictably excited.

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