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Effects of Hanging on Length and Girth?


I want to know if that theory is right or work for the lenght hang effect :

If we want just increase lenght we must just hang and not too much practice some “girth exercice” ‘cause it is more hard too stretch a penis “with more girth” , so we must just hang !

It is right or not ? is anyone have experiment it ?

Yes, Yazid, that is the theory. I don’t think anyone is going to experiment with it because no one wants to blow up their girth and then find it next to impossible to gain length without devoting five years to hanging.

So if you’re girth is now significant, then going with a hanging-only routine is advisable. It’s what I am doing. Unless you just want like a 1/2” or something for length.

I give that idea ‘cause I think my penis react very easely with girth exercice and my girth is actually about a little more 5.5 inch (and my lenght a little more 6 inch) , the powerjelqer work fine for me and I feel I can increase again !

So I want to focalyse on lenght development now and after for the girth ‘cause my penis has never be under a stress by hang just little hand stretch .

I’ve begin a hang session with AFB hanger (5 lbs and two time 20 min) and I can feel that my penis and ligs have been “activate” by this stretch !

Be very, very careful, Yazid as you are a beginner. Go back and read my injury post that is in the Main Member section if you haven’t done so already (should be on the same page as this thread).

Now I got an idea of the danger !

I’ve read your post , very instructive notion for me !

I live very far (south Pacific) and I want now to test the FAMOUS BIB HANGER ‘cause it is very too difficult for me to order a real bib hanger so I want to build one !

Is anyone have link or full detailled plans of the NEW bib hanger like the starter bib hanger for me ?

I want it ‘cause I don’t like the AFB hanger !

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is the name of what ledzep talks about in this thread on page 2 “erect hanging”?
I’m currently trying this since it seems to be a “lazy” (non-manual) exercise which combines length and girth workout at the same time….

The disadvantage is that the weight has to be lowered because of the intense effect on the head and upper shaft.
So combining this lenght/girth-exercise (lower weight) with the regular flaccid hanging (higher weight) could be the way to go for lazy people to gain both length and girth

Are there any new opinions to this old topic?

My goal: from 11.9 cm NBPEL to 18 cm NBPEL (~7 ") or never...!!!! after 5 weeks(and a long break): 12.5 cm NBPEL


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