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Drugs or herbs for hanging

Drugs or herbs for hanging

Anyone know of anything that will make the ligs weaker and so induce gains?

Smoking weed makes the ligs a little looser and makes for a better more enjoyable hanging session. I hardly ever do it though because I usually study while I hang but the times I have done it my PE sessions was kick-ass.

Yeah I try to study too so smoking weed is not an option. It would probably make me too lazy if anything and I would stop hanging.

Smoking weed makes ligs looser?

If that were true I’d be able to do yoga.

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After: I\'d like to show you something I\'m very proud of, but you guys in the front row will have to stand back.

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An aspirin will cause a slowing of healing which will allow the ligs to stretch out and not heal as quickly as the usual body response. One report I read shows how when an athlete sprains or stretches a ligament, if aspirin is prescribed the healing process is altered and may prevent complete healing to take place. When this occurs the joint will never have the tightness it originally had, therefor, will be subject to future injuries. One of the techniques for correcting this anomaly is to induce the ligament to restart the healing process and then be given enough time to allow complete healing which in the last phase of the 3 part healing process the ligament is restored to it’s original and proper length.

It has been said the nsaid’s will produce the same slowness of healing responses as well because they are cellular constrictors.

Anytime we can slow down the deposits of collagen, we increase our ability to stretch without toughening ligaments. Care needs to be applied here though because if we over stretch by enthusiasm to gain we will invoke a retraction response which will cause loss of length.

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