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Does Hanging Create The "Fat Dude" SKin Effect?

Does Hanging Create The "Fat Dude" SKin Effect?

Hi guys…I was considering hanging, however, I saw pictures of guys that hang and I noticed that their skin in the pubic area has lost its elasticity and its going over the base of the penis, as if they were fat people with extra skin. Does this happens to everyone and is there any specific way to avoid it?

thanx a lot

Very interesting question, I ve been worrying about that too!


After I stopped hanging, the skin did retract somewhat. However, I am cut, and my penis looks uncut when flaccid, which is what I was going for.


Mr Futuro,

I’ve experienced the opposite effect.
I have gained a lot of length over the past several months but instead of an expansion of the fat pad there is more of a “well” effect where the base of my shaft meets my groin.
I think it might have to do with getting my gains from mostly low angle lig stretching.

It’s actually a nice look. I like it.


oh, ok….thanx a lot guys !

I actually believe hanging does more to avoid the “Fat Dude” Skin Effect than regular stretching. Reason being that you can apply a larger percent of the exercise’s stress to the internal structures by tightening the hanger. You - well at least I - just can’t match the gripping power of a hanger.

Also, more sets at a lighter weight should help.

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