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Captn's Wench inner pads


Originally Posted by davesj1
I assume your uncut because of the foreskin problem. I am as well and have yet to find any combination that works with the wench. If you find something that works let us all know.

Well I have only done 4 sets of hanging since I made mine. The only thing I can use so far is two layers of rubber rap (dishwasher gloves).

As for the rubber there are no stores I have been able to find that had this. What I did find is a rubber bungee cord, (1/4” thick by 1/2” wide) very grippy feel to it and as a plus there is a warning that produces a ruff surface on it. It works great, plus it cost less than 2 dollars Canadian and it came with 2 S hooks.

Here’s what I made for my Cap/Wench.

For the grippers I used a 84 cent pair of padded insoles. I just cut 4 - 1”X2” rectangles out of one of them. I couldn’t find real grippers the right size. Glued 2 of them together so they were 1/4” thick. You want the grip side facing your dick (which is the side that lays against the bottom of shoe).

Pic of insole.

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