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Bruising on Head

Bruising on Head

I have been hanging comfortably for about 4 months with the wench. In the last week or two I have all the sudden been having a real problem with little dot bruising on my head forward of the wrap. The whole tip of my head turns a a little darker then the rest of my head. It always feels very comfortable throughout my sets, I don’t have any numbness, and It doesn’t really get very cold if at all in between my sets. The bruising always goes away within a day or so. I have tried going down in weight, even though I was only using like 8.75 lbs, and the problem seems to still occur. Any suggestions of what the problem might be would be greatly appreciated.

-Should I just take a week off?


I have occasionally experienced this myself. In fact, it is pretty common.
If you haven’t done a search on the subject, you should. I think you’ll be comforted.
Other than a few days of ugliness I have never experienced this as a big negative.


The thing that bothers me is that where my wrap slides a little over my head, I get a very distinctive color difference. On the tip where the wrap is not touching, it turns redish purplish with the dot bruises, and the part of my head covered by my wrap lightens from my normal skin pigment. I am just afraid that I am having circulation problems, because stays that way for a couple hours sometimes. It never is cold or numb though.

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