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Blood in the glans

Blood in the glans

I need to have that, or the hanger slippes down. I don’t have much blood in it, but as much to prevent the hanger from getting off. I tried with no blood in glans, I pulled hanger as tight as it was possible, but it slipped off (I use bibhanger)
Everybody here says that blood in glans is bad, but even bib said in his drawn wrapping pictures: vary amount of blood in glans for most comfortable hanging.

I tried days with no (light)bloodfilled glans, but hanger always slipped off. I tried 100wrapps and hanger got of. I pulled it as hard as I could, (even with pain, what ist actualli very bad) and hanger slipped off.

Can you imagine the prob? But I think: as long as BiB says: “vary amount of blood in glans” therell be no brob.

No blood is good Bro, you need to stop until you heal!!!

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Hey dino, please explain with more detail. Why is blood in glans so bad?

I tried today again, but after 15 minutes it starts to slip off. So no damn 20 minutes set!

Perhaps you have too much wrap? how many layers?

or you’re not clamping tight enough. I always tighten down to mild discomfort, apply heat for 1 minute, then I can usually tighten down even more.

Lost guitar, what do you mean by “blood in glans”? Everyone has blood in their glans, otherwise your glans would be white. How much bood are you talking about? Like the same amout of blood as when you are erect?

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@ Tube: well, I mean that I pull a little bit amount of blood into the glans, just half amount of blood when erected

The problem with blood in the glans is the fact that you are generating a lot of pressure that has no where to go. Think of being pushed up against a wall and then a sumo wrestler deciding to make a lost Guitar sandwich. Not a pretty sight.

I would suggest if you have a cone shaped shape to your penis to wrap more towards the end of your penis and less at the base. The head of the penis should not be “holding” the hanger on. It means that hanger is not being attached correctly. The hanger should be “resting” behind the head, but the head should not be taking the brunt of the stress. You want to be pulling on the shaft of the penis, not the head.

However, it is your penis. If you feel that you aren’t getting any pain/swelling/bruising then just be careful. I would really try to look into wrapping differently instead.

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@Tom: I made all the wrapps. Now I’m on lil12’s one you can see in the video: 1” behinde the glans, with pressure like hell, but the thing slipps of. I even made pressure till it was horrible pain, and it slips off.

lost Guitar

This method might help you out. My personal wrap is a church dress sock cut approx. 1.5 inches by 8-12 inches. It is long enough where it just barely overlaps with the beginning wrap. I then wrap with theraband approx. 1.5 inches by 12 inches. This is all wrapped approx. half to 1 inch behind head. I then jelq half a full capacity amount of blood into the head and apply the bib hanger. I then hang. If the head is at its full capacity with blood with the hanger on, i then loosen one of the bib hex nuts and then squeeze out some of the blood, then tighten back down and continue hanging.

Works everytime for me. Good luck.

I always, always hang with some blood in front of the hanger, otherwise it get slippage at even 4 pounds.
BUT, here’s the thing, I don’t actually have any blood in the glans, it’s in the cc’s.

There was a thread a little while back where Hobby (and others) discussed just this. I’m sure one of the mods will link it.

One last thing, I have never hung more than 10 lbs this way so it may not be suitable for you if you hang with more weight.

Sorry Bro never mind I thought you meant you had blood coming out of your urethra or something.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

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