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Big problem

Big problem

I have started hanging today. But when I wrap it up and hang for like, 15 minutes, my glans is already very cold and dark purple. I know that is not good, but how can I get it to not get purple. I have tried wrap less tight but then the weights slip off my penis.

Big help!


- By 16th Jan 2006 - 5.6" x 5.5"

- By 5th June 2010 - 8.3" x 6.5"

Very cold is an indication for the blood circulation being cut off. Dark purple is an indication there’s too much pressure in your glans while hanging. If used correctly a hanger which applies lateral pressure will reduce the cooling down of your glans and prevent it from going dark purple.

I have used your design, Piet.

but it still gets dark purple, I tried it 10 minuts ago too. I dont know how I can reduce it. My wrapping technique is good, I guess.

- By 16th Jan 2006 - 5.6" x 5.5"

- By 5th June 2010 - 8.3" x 6.5"

Ok then you need to tighten your hanger more so that it no longer slips down towards the glans. If it’s tight enough your glans will stay soft and not get purple. You may need to tighten a few times while hanging because of tissues loosening.

Why not get yourself a vacuum hanger? No wrapping, no cold penis head. You can even make one your self. I am using a max-vac hanger and this is my very first hanger. It works great and I use it for an hour at a time. Check out my progress log.

He already has a good hanger, why would he need to spend money on another one? There may not be any need for wrapping with a vacuumhanger but there are risks involved e.g. numbness, fluid buildup and waterblisters. I have never had any problems with my AFB hanger other than a little pinching caused by my wrap but since I changed to a bicycle innertire sleeve instead of a wrap my hanging experience is as comfortable as can be :)

Sure, I hope you can make it work and that you too will have a comfortable hanging experience Scarto! I am only giving my opinion about a hanger that I have tried. It is expensive.

Vacuum Hanger

Where are there directions for one to build their own vacuum hanger? Id very much be interested in trying that.

Mine also get that way after a long term hang


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