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Bib Hangers Available


Hey ru! I got the impression the majority of the population there were devout conservative christian, in the church of bustin’ caps and smokin’ suckas. Am I wrong again?

I have to agree with bud_do. How many hangers could a guy with all the required equipment, materials, tools, and skills make in a day? At least a couple right? At over an average of $100 each, along with some emailing and question answering time, a few hundred fat american dollars per day sounds like a pretty fucking sweet deal to me. Hardly bread-line or barely covering costs methinks. I would quit studying and take it up as a profession if it wasn’t likely I would get my ass sued off :D Also the fact that making hangers all day would be down right boring. Still, nice income compared to poor beaten down, picked on, disadvantaged, singled-out, and scapegoated me!

I can only recommend to buy the bib hanger.Its a great product and the service is very good.

People from europe should not be fearful, bib is 100% full of integrity.

Are there more people from Europe who ordered a Bib Hanger?

Did you get any problems with custom/duty (don’t know which word is used) and how much custom/duty did you have to pay?


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Ich habe dir gerade geantwortet.


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