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Am I missing something

Am I missing something

Hey Guys,

I started “hanging” with my wench a few months ago with a technique that just felt right without really doing my homework. I noticed about 1/2” of gain before I discovered that I was doing things incorrectly. Immediately after I switched to the more accepted technique, I -very- suddenly found myself with a whole hell of a lot of extra skin on my unit. I must be missing something, since the ‘proper’ technique isn’t working for me as well as my own homebrew technique.

I’ve been hanging with my wench by pulling on it with an extra long strap that goes down to my foot. This means somewhere between SD and SO, especially if I sit straight up with my leg at a good 90 degree angle. My wrap is 2 different thickness of self adherent tape, first the thin goes on just below my glans, I go around once, then make a singe wrap angled up to cover the last little bit of shaft under the glans then wrap down. Then I put on the thicker wrap, about 1/4” below the glans, and wrap around until it’s of a good thickness (it’s 2” wide wrap), and then give it one around the bottom of the wrap. I then attach my wench there and then tighten it with a hose clamp. I go my 20 minute set, and when I detach and unwrap, there is a slight rollover of the wrap onto the glans which can be a bit uncomfortable to remove but it’s no big deal.

From what I understand, what I’m supposed to be doing is wrapping about a good inch below the glans, leaving the skin above the wrap and below the glans to gather and protect the glans during the hang. I tried that for about a week, and even occasionally tried Saiyan’s base hang technique. The first, and most noticeable effect of wrapping and attaching much further down the shaft was that I got big fluid buildup bubbles that would sometimes take a good half hour to 45 minutes to subside and then they were still a bit loose after that. Later, I noticed a ridiculous amount of loose skin on my shaft, I mean a lot of skin, very quickly. I know that this should mean that I was getting a skin stretch and not a tunica stretch which would normally be considered to be a problem of not enough tightness in my attachment but damn, I screwed that sucker in and it almost hurt how tight it was attached. I found that the only real way to address the fluid buildup properly was to cover all of the skin on the shaft up to the glans, which produces even worse discomfort when all that wrapped skin rolls over the glans.

So do I say, “fuck it. It works for me,” or should I work harder to find my problem with the wrap technique shown in all of the drawings and videos? I haven’t had any problems with the way I’ve been doing it, but when I read people warning against doing it that way, I get a little nervous.


Originally Posted by Dymn
I got big fluid buildup bubbles that would sometimes take a good half hour to 45 minutes to subside and then they were still a bit loose after that

That’s really not a good sign. I’ve been lucky enough to never be injured, so I can’t advise too well on this, but I’ll try anyway ;)
(Perhaps this post should be in the injury forum).

Are you squeezing the blood out of your glans before you tighten things up? Do things feel ‘ok’ before you hang the weight? Have you tried experimenting with the way you adjust the nuts & bolts on your hanger? You know the whole || vs / \ vs \ / —you need to find what works for you without creating slippage. Then you need to build up slowly from there.

You said you’ve been hanging a few months. Have you been having fluid buildup issues this whole time? How long did you PE before you started hanging? Do you know what caused that fluid buildup? Did you quickly jump into higher weights? Are you doing fewer sets with higher weight, or more sets with lower weight— and finally, what style of hanger are you using?

Originally Posted by Dymn
I screwed that sucker in and it almost hurt how tight it was attached

When hanging you need to give yourself time to adjust to the attachment point stress before you start diving into the heavier weights. Even if your unit can ‘handle’ the heavier weight, you also need to consider the (potential) extreme stresses on the attachment point. With hanging, I think it’s essential you build up the weight really slowly at first, so you can start to learn what your limits are. You need to learn how far can you push without getting injured.

I’ll take a stab in the dark here and just say, most likely you’re pushing for too much weight too fast. Maybe you just need to give yourself more time to perfect your wrapping technique and figure out what works for you without causing unnecessary injury or pain. In my opinion, you really need to let yourself heal. Stop doing things that cause obvious pain, and figure out how to hang without that fluid buildup. Give a little more information and some of the older hangers can probably give you better advice. I think you might need to give more information before people can figure out what your issue is.

Then again, I could be completely wrong on all of this.

Perhaps you should try the kind of wrap I use. I do an HTW underneath, with theraband on top. For me it gives the perfect combination of comfort and grip. I never have any slippage with the hanger, and I never get any unusual discomfort. I’ve tried to read what you wrote carefully, and I honestly can’t tell if you’re using cotton or theraband to wrap yourself.

Anyway, I’m just taking a few guesses here—I can’t say for sure what’s causing your issues at all. I just hope you find my advice & questions helpful.


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