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10 weeks hanging. No Gains.

Originally Posted by alin

What hanger do you use ? Because when using the vac hanger there is minimal skin stretch, so almost all the weight hits the internal penis.

I use bib hardcore starter. I used vac-hanger before but I got to point where I couldn’t add any more weight. You are right, vac does not stretch skin at all.

Originally Posted by mister007
I use bib hardcore starter. I used vac-hanger before but I got to point where I couldn’t add any more weight. You are right, vac does not stretch skin at all.

What was the reason of being unable to increase weight ? At what weight were you hanging ?

Starting stats: 6.4" / 5.6" Current Stats: 7.4" / 5.8" Short term goal: 7" / 6" Long term goal: 8" / 6.5"

I was using 12.5 lbs max with vac. I taped my glans but started to get discoloration of the glans, sometimes blisters and sometimes pain. Too much pressure on head for me. If I got everything right, tape, seal etc.. then it worked nice. But one little mistake and I could have blister or bruising that needed weeks to heal.

Quick question about the definition of fatigue - I’m on my second week of hanging weights for 4 hours per day and have increased weight to get fatigued. I am seeing about 0.5 to 1cm of difference in stretched flaccid length between before and after a hanging session but I also want to make sure that I’m getting the right level of fatigue. According to BIB, it is defined as a soreness in the shaft to the point where you can’t continue at the weights you’re using and have to decrease to finish the set. At the moment, with 4kg, I can feel the soreness/fatigue occasionally as the weights are hanging, but I don’t fatigue to the point where I have to decrease weight. The moment when I take the weights off and the pull is relieved, at this moment I feel a significant aching in the shaft which I could define as fatigue. What is the experience of you guys that gained using weights - are you pushing more weight so that you fatigue during hanging and have to reduce weight, or are you fatigued only at the end like I am? I don’t want to add too much weight too soon, so would appreciate to know your experiences. For sure what I don’t want to do is to hang weights but not to the point where they effectively add length over time!


Sounds good to me. Sometimes fatigue builds over days so you might be more fatigued next day. Maybe try increase the weight just a little so you get this feeling faster and then can drop weights to maintain it.

I don’t think it’s necessary to always push you to the limit where you can’t hang at that weight anymore. I usually drop weight when it starts get annoying, hoping for the set to be over, watching clock..

Couple times I have pushed it.. there is a point when you really must drop the weight. Feels like doing the last rep on gym and you just can’t do it.

Don’t let yourself heal now.. You might need more weight after that to continue your progress.

I really like AM and PM sessions.. If you have time to do it.

The main thing is, try to get that fatigue feeling early on your sessions and then drop weight to feel it while still comfortable.

Hi mister007, thanks for that advice. Will do as you suggest - actually today I felt more fatigued, so the thing about it building over some days seems true. Will add a bit more weight to get fatigue faster and then drop a bit of weight, will see how it goes. Thanks.

Just starting 3rd week of hanging with vac-hanger. I increased another 0.5kg to 4.5kg total and I think I’m starting to find my fatigue point. Also I found that just after upping the weight to 4.5kg, I got the longest stretched flaccid length I’ve ever measured, so I think I must be on the right track. Just need to be consistent now and to increase the stress when needed.

One other thing I was musing over - BIB talked about the ‘divide and conquer’ idea where you concentrate on one part/angle before switching. So the question I have is whether you would keep going at the one angle (e.g. Straight down in my case right now) while increasing weights over many weeks (and up to a maximum weight of what in that case?), and then at some point in future you might switch to straight out or up, but again start with lower weights and work up? Or would you reach a certain weight in one angle (e.g where I am now - 4.5kg straight down), and then when no more fatigue at that point that I would switch to another angle and get them all to 4.5kg before upping more weight in straight down mode again? Hope it’s kind of making sense what I try to explain?

Hey waterman,

I think its good what you are doing now. Change the angles when you don’t feel good stretch anymore. If you have lot of time, you could do two angles. When you are fatigued in first, then go for another. Have you tried BTC? It’s more intense than SD, at least for me.

But I think you should go for at least a month or two, if no gains in BPFSL, then change angles.

Mister007 -

Thanks for the reply. OK will continue as I’m doing for another month or so before changing angles. I will need to continue adding weight in my current angle though - up to the maximum possible with a vac-hanger - not sure what that maximum is yet but have read various things on here. Seems for me with the taping of the glans, that any swelling is kept in check. What’s the maximum weight you would go for with a vac-hanger?


I think my max with vac was 12.5lb.

Getting to the end of the third week. I have been hanging straight down almost all the time and find I get fatigued OK - I feel a definite soreness when I remove the weight and pre to post-stretch measurement seems to be about 0.25”. But just picked up a proper pulley in the shop yesterday so did the last hour today straight out and although it felt comfortable and not as ‘fatigued’ when I removed the weight, the stretched length seems to be greater after just that hour. Will confirm this is really the case after a few more sessions, but if so I may switch to straight out.

Hi guys

Just to let you know, in order not to clog up this thread with my own progress, I have made my own progress log here: Waterman888’s progress log. Feel free to follow, would be good to have your advice.



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