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Which extender to buy

240 USD is a great waste of money. Don’t the give at least an instructional dvd for that price?

Anyway, a cheap way to make your extender comfortable is described here
9_in_richard - Extender at 3 inches, minimum

Yeah they give an instructional DVD and it makes it look really easy! I paid extra for the extra long gold one. Thanks for the link about making the extender comfortable - will check it out.

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Originally Posted by sricardo

Just bought the X4dx with support I hope it works for me as I have read good reviews

If does not work as expected I may get the modified vac extender for the same brand

The quad support was not available when I got my X4. But it seems it should give you a more secure fit with less tension on the upper part of your shaft. Check this thread for ways to improve fit and comfort:…you-need-5.html

I found the Velcro strap modification improved fit and comfort for me.

I have not tried a noose based system as the consensus out there seems to be it is not practical to wear it for long periods of time.

I have started using the VacExtender since last week which has a vacuum attachment to the head rather than a noose. So far the longest time I have worn it is 10 hours.

I bought an x4 labs extender and I’m going to return it. Can’t get it to fit right without making my mushroom turn purple after about 20 min. Also seems ridiculous to be wearing all day even if I could.

I am confused by the 2 designs - 1 with springs (spring loaded) and 1 without (slider). Any thoughts?

Thanks for the suggestions I now have it and I get pain from wearing it for more than 30 minutes and my glans turn purple if I wear it six o’clock for long with the noose

This morning I have tried the silicone strap with the pad worse than with the noose since I experience slippage due to my foreskin attached to the base of the glans(uncut)

So I do not really know if the modifed vac extender will work or not same problem again foreskin gets in the way.

any suggestions or experiences?


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I have not used a noose base extender before but I can wear the modified vacextender at least for a few hours, sometimes even longer.

It is just that some part of the glans gets swollen and irritated from the prolonged vacuum but that can be minimized with proper taping.

Since I have only started using it, I hope the situation will improve by improving my taping technique.

That being said I believe that it is still much better compared to the noose based extender judging by general consensus.

Jut woke up had a shower and instead of using the pad I took a length of very soft toilet paper roll and ply it to match the width of the pad.

Pulled my dick and pull the foreskin as far down as it can go then wrapped my shaft around couple times to match the pad thickness and passed it through the strap.

It’s been like 40 minutes and I am wearing it 6 O’Clock so far no discomfort altough the glans just gone a bit purple so time to release the beast and come back.

Blue eye, blonde latino

I just got my extender (LeLuv) a few days ago, so I don’t have much experience here, but I am also getting the purple glans after 30-45 minutes. However, if I remove it for 5 minutes for blood flow and reattach it’s comfortable.

I’m using the noose with comfort foam. I made a soft cloth cover over the foam, which makes it very comfortable. The comfort strap pinches the skin near the glans which hurts like hell… I suppose the self sticking ACE wrap might work well, but I haven’t tried it yet.

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Anyone familiar with the difference in the 2 extenders designs (sold by LeLuv) - the slider; and the spring loaded? X4 does not have these differences. Thanks!


Okay since I’m the one who started this thread I felt compelled to post a follow on to my initial question: which extender to buy? I still haven’t made a decision. If only the vacuum grip was integrated by X4 that extender would be perfect. Eventually I’m going to settle and just purchase the most comfortable solution they offer. However someone said early in the thread that I shouldn’t rush into an extender and start with the newbie exercises. Haven’t been able to locate the newbie plan but was able to garner that jelqing was a part of the routine so I started that on August 2nd.

I am wet jelqing 10 minutes a day, approximately 200 - 300 reps 5 days a week. I started at 6.5 BPEL x 4.75 BPEG. My wife measured it tonight. That’s right I shared this with my wife. Last week she told me I was fine the way I was but this week she suddenly has an interest in knowing whether I plan on continuing. We measured 7 BPEL x 5 BPEG.

Knowing that my wife is more aroused at my being bigger and that I plan on gaining more I’m stepping up the pace. I told her I’m ordering an extender and she had a very positive reaction to that too! Once I get the extender I plan on doubling up on the jelqing and stretching 2-3 hours a day. I’ll keep you all posted on my progress.

If it helps i have had the x4 for a week now and am so far happy with it,

the comfort strap works fine if you wrap the head with some gauze or bandage, the comfort pads you get with it are only fit for the bin,

both mine ripped within two days .

It also didn’t come with instructions for any kind of program just how to put it on.

Overall seems pretty well made.

Thank you capernicus1 for your feedback on the x4, best of luck. Just curious to know if you purchased the quad support? Can anyone chime in with an opinion or some advice on the x4 quad support system? I’m also wondering about the wide girth base; do you buy that if you want to work on your girth or when you already have a wide girth? I will probably call the company but value the opinions of those on Thunder’s Place.

Dude don’t waste your money on the girth base, it’s not any wider just deeper, the headpiece determines the spacing of the rods so that would have

to be wider to match the base.

Didn’t get the quad support , the standard one seems fine plus it was more money which is always an issue .


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