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Vac based extenders - I'm taking a beating

Vac based extenders - I'm taking a beating

Hey guys.

I have Monkeybar’s product (Auto Extender 2). A well made product. However I’m thinking that vac extenders, or maybe it is just this one, are too hard on my penis.

I have a flaccid girth of about 5”. Putting the constriction sleeve on, then the main sleeve - well at the end of an hour (or even 40 minutes), my penis head is quite cold. those two sleeves together are quite tight and I just don’t see how any blood is getting not only to the glans, but also some other sections of my penis.

Anyone have any comments?

I just used Moneybar’s anti-turtle device. I think that works REALLY well. For me - it was not easy to get on, but once on, it did what was promised. With it I suffered from a “cool” (but not cold) penis after about 1 hour.

I guess my question here is - what is safe for long term wearing for this type of device that does constrict some blood? While it was nowhere near as constrictive as the main vac system - I just am a little concerned with wearing it 8-12 hours a day.

As far as comfort though - oh my god. Amazing, I could wear it all day no problem. While the vac extender - hard to say, I’ve only been using it with several (~5) pounds of force (maybe a little less). Perhaps some of the beating my unit is taking is because of the force, but I really gotta think that with my flaccid girth and how constricting those sleeves are - that it is more the pressure they are creating than the tensile force. Regardless at this point, while I like the design - my unit just can’t take extended wearing of it.

Have you tried wearing the vac extender without the constriction sleeve? I am pretty much the same girth flaccid and I just go with the sleeve. I don’t have any fluid buildup (or other) problems unless I wear it for more than 5 hours straight at a time, maybe you’ll be similarly lucky (note that at first I could only do maybe an hour or two before fluid buildup). Also, I use the larger head and basically my glans doesn’t even fit all the way in… but it still pulls enough vacuum to hang 5-6 pounds (though I use it for ADS which is more like <2 pounds).

Doesn’t he make the sheaths in different sizes?

There is a thread here about how to make your own silicone sheaths.

But that’s a lot of work.

I was also going to suggest using the large cylinder with no constriction sleeve. Works for me.

5” flacid girth is pretty good size, but it should work.

The other thing is that I think everyone should just expect to take breaks with these types of devices, not matter how comfortable they feel. It is just a logical habit to get in to.

But you should be able to go more than 40 minutes. I usually do not go longer than 2 or 2.5 hours, which is about when I need to pee anyway.

5 pounds force is a lot for the extender. The more force you use the more frequent your breaks need to be. Maybe you should wear it a little looser as an experiment to see if your head gets as cold. If it does not, that would mean that your coldness is due to the tension more than the constriction, and that you need to use less tension.

With all stretching, there is a tradeoff between force and time, and these devices are designed to be for less force for longer time.

Horny Bastard

Thanks guys.

I was using the smaller cylinder without a constriction sleeve for a while. After seeing some fluid buildup I decided to try the larger cylinder with a constriction sleeve. If I used the larger one without the constriction sleeve, well I just don’t think I’d be able to get enough pressure on my glans to prevent fluid.

I am not aware of different diameter sleeves, just cylinders.

Maybe I’ll try using the larger cylinder, no constriction sleeve, and light weight tomorrow. If that doesn’t work, I’ll likely buy a StaticStretcher.

Although as I said - I’m liking the anti-turtle system. While it is only keeping me at about 5” bone-pressed flaccid (non hand stretched)… That’s probably a good 3/4 - 1” longer than I might normally be flaccid. No pain, just checked after 1 hour, my glans does not feel cool.

Originally Posted by gnome

I just don’t think I’d be able to get enough pressure on my glans to prevent fluid.

I think you need more than just one test of this tomorrow. You can condition yourself to handle the vacuum. Start off slowly and increase time and tension over a few days.

You might look puffy and have some fluid, but if it goes away quickly it is nothing to be concerned about.

Horny Bastard

I agree with mravg, you will most likely be able to condition yourself over several days/weeks of wearing it.

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