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Serious Concerns Over Size Genetics.


Originally Posted by Ajkingpin
The hardening means your penis is trying to contract and heal itself. This means you need more rest days or you need to tone it down on the tension. Do you ever use a heating pad or some other way of heating up your dick? That helps.

You mean on off days or during?

Jan-26-2016 BPEL: 5.5 NBPEL: 5.2 EG: 4.6 (flacid hang 3.7, flaccid girth 4.2) ROUTINE: Cut down Newbie Routine.

Gains Aug 2016: .5 inch in BPEL / 6.0 BPEL (with good EQ), Girth went up .1cm somehow. RESEARCHING PUMPING AND HANGING TO START ASAP, OFF FOR 2 WEEKS

Progress thread Greencrabs progress report and PE record


Too early for me to tell if SG inhibits growth but I can tell you about wearing it for a prolonged period of time.
I first had a JES and couldn’t wear it. Too painful and didn’t feel much tension when finally in it.

SG is hard to put on. The strap is tight and you really need to get a hold of it.
But once you’ve found your way (I use extra gaze padding), no slippage, and the tension is amazing.
I really feel it pulls my dick out, and can stretch above my erect length with it. No way I could do that in the JES, would have slipped out of it in no time.

So.. Again too early for results and I’ve read a lot here that you should stick to manual exercises. At least first.
I had some gains in the past and plan on doing exercises + extender and see how it works for me.
Will keep you posted. Because yes jelqing is great and healthy. But for length.. Not sure.
In my case jelling (and hold) made my head bigger, which added length. But the chambers and ligaments.. Other story I think but am no expert.
Time will tell.

START (2008) : 5.3'' (13,5 cm) no girth measurement :noreally:

NEW START (04/2016) : 5.9" (15 cm) X 5.1" (13 cm) Pics

NOW : 6.5" X 5.3" - GOAL : 7.5" X 6"


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