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New ADS tutorial


Looks like to share knowledge by posting it in a thread discussing the topic to me.

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Constructive critism is welcomed.

Thunder mate, don’t forget the spellcheck :)

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This technique is better than any commercial ADS IMO.

Cheaper too :)

Jelq my boy, jelq like the wind.


I don’t find the subject, I made a search, and nothing again.


Originally Posted by Almuhjjar

I don’t find the subject, I made a search, and nothing again.


Here it is : All Day Stretch Video :)

Jelq my boy, jelq like the wind.

Wow! What a well-produced video! :thumbs: I’m going to give the wrapping technique a try.


p.s.: I miss Anna!

Originally Posted by GlandMaster

p.s.: I miss Anna!

Eh? Where she go?

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Originally Posted by townhouse
Thanks for putting this vid together, it’s nicely done and a huge help.

I made a few substitutions while making my own ADS:

Instead of a belt, I’m using an “Athletic Works Knee Strap,” about $7 at Wal-Mart.

Hi Townhouse.

I was just at my Super Walmart and could not find this.

What precisely is this?

I found other knee braces, even a strap for beneath the knee - but not this specifically.

Thanks :)

I think that any stretchy strap with a velcro would do, gnome.


Here is a link to a photo of the materials:

Ok hopefully this works.

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Thanks. I guess most people do light ADS’ing…

I have a Vac Extender - and well I probably use a good 5 lb of force for an hour at a time. It isn’t “easy” to do, but not in real pain. Anyway - that type of strap would never hold a significant force - pretty much just preventing turtling?


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