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Need help with extender


Thanks, I’ll remember it if I feel like giving it another shot. :)

Start • 5.94''x4.92''

Now • 6.50''x4.96''

Goal • 7.00''x5.75''

The best extender I have seen out today is Male Edge man. They got a new design on the extender bars, instead of screw on extensions with preset sizes they designed it so it pulls out and snaps into place. They also got kickass colors, and a really nice leather case. The same people who make the Jes-Extender manufacture it. DEF worth checking out, that goes for everyone! :)

Originally Posted by UpTo7
Thanks, I’ll remember it if I feel like giving it another shot. :)

You bet buddy.

My Sizegenetics extender does not appear much under my clothes. The makers very much emphasize this point in the marketing, and anyway it needs to be worn pretty religiously, like anything in PE, for results. And my pants are modern and slim. Yeah, the head extends down further (and I get the odd female glance, but that’s just a preview of my future wearing tight sweatshorts and being obnoxious for the ladies with a six inch flaccid and thick hang), and it’s a bit of a hassle, but a pornstar cock kind of seems worth it. Any problems with the extender I attribute to myself, like running out of foam cylinders, being too cheap to order more. (A rip off, of course, profit seeking company that they are.)

I was never one to be like, ‘OK, have I reached 400 jelqs yet? Did I stretch equally in all directions for thirty seconds for five sets?’ And so on. I am not Data from Star Trek. I wish I was that methodical, don’t get me wrong, it’s probably an asset in this quest. But the number crunching is not essential. I certainly don’t know what 400 or 600 milligrams is. I do know what the sweet spot of tension feels like. It’s like, wow my dick is getting stretched. A good stretch, not painful. Know the fatigue signs in your dick and follow PIs. (Positive indicators.)

I am working DLD slow squash jelqs back in, to make incremental girth gains and cement girth gains from year one. Not ejaculating all that much, maybe every eight or nine days. You know when your dick is gonna be too sore. For girth/erect work no more than an hour per day seems safe at this point.(maybe ever?) For hanging, I am working my weight up to five pounds, mostly lig stretches, an hour total hang time for now, probably more like 45 minutes.

The traction of the extender is an all day thing. If you are a numbers guy, great. But the extender can be pretty low tech and grimy. It takes stupid idiotic fanaticism, an aversion to any turtling/retraction, a willingness to hurt yourself on a superficial, skin type level, and glee and joy from incremental gains.

Now to try pumping with a Bathmate.(wanna be thick as hell)


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