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Looking for quality extender


Originally Posted by cheeba
Hi kbs83,

I agree with a lot of the points you make in post 4 about the progress to take and yes I am doing the newbie routine and incorporating extender use into the workout also.

I am currently using the comfort strap but would do you think of the noose (ie the rubber band) I havent used it yet but have heard its not so comfortable and causes discomfort to the glans.

I have lots of free time therefore wearing the extender upto 6 hours wouldnt be a problem, if that is what you are advocating the more is more Ie more use leads to more gains.

WOW you paid 12 I paid 30 for mine. Oh well still its money well spent.

The main problem I am having is if I really want a good hard stretch past my EL then I have to load up the rods/bars and then getting the comfort strap secured and then attached the head unitto the end of the rods/ bars is quite difficult as I cannot stretch my dick that far thats why I am saying the springs should be more prominent not just 2cm makeup of the whole product. Hope this makes sense

All the best

Sorry mate, completely forgot I posted that. OK few things, No you don’t want a hard stretch past your EL. Hard stretch and extender should not be in the same sentence, Yes you could get some nice gains that way at first and some have but your just hurting future gains that way. At first just wear the extender so it comfortable, no stress on the head. This will get the ridge below the head used to the Noose. Now you might not get gains at first but your conditioning that ridge so in the long run you can wear it for a long time. Saying that though, Raybaby wore his at 1/4” less (I think) and gained rapidly. I did not wear mine for a long enough period (months wise) but that was because of time issues. I believe the extender is the best method because its easy to put on/off, I can do so many things with it on, Does not effect my EQ and the potential for gains i think is great if taking it slowly and only progressing with bars when needed. I have been on a decon and now intend to use it for the next year + I have been messing around the last few days and this is my routine =

07:00-09:00 = Extender on, Take pre workout drink, Watch TV for 30 mins while pre kicks in then lift (worn the whole time, but if I can’t get the morning stiffy down then Jelq first)
19:00-02:00 = Extender on/off as much as possible in this time.

I’m wearing very loosely stretched at the moment to get used to the noose again and when I take it off my unit stays stretched out and doesn’t turtle.
Hope this helps.

KBS83, you lift heavy while wearing your extender? That sounds dangerous and uncomfortable. Are you going to continue this as the applied tension increases?

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I wear really baggy shorts or joggers and only when Squating/Deadlifting do I get a bit of movement from it but not enough to detach. Yeah I did it before.

In my experience SizeGenetics was crap

Originally Posted by Dude151
So the leading VacExtender seems nice but the poll seems a bit old. I’ve heard of one that isn’t on the list and that’s SizeGenetics, does anyone have experiences with it or how it might compare with the VacExtender? Or other new ones that aren’t on the list?

Edit: And what about the foreskin, should I keep it on top or retract it back and hook up the extender behind the glans?

I bought the SizeGenetics and it broke within two months. To get a warranty replacement you have to ship it back to UK which cost more than completely replacing it with the KR extender which is the second one I bought. I’m using it with the stealth cap and a vac extender attachment from the autoextender site. The KR extender is much heavier built and I’ve had zero problems out of it for the last 6 months. I know I’m just one guy but in my experience the SG extender is completely over priced and that comfort strap never worked well for me, it kept slipping over my head. The stealth cap stays in place and I can wear the extender for many hours a day taking period breaks just to let my head get some air.

I got a Chinese Knockoff on eBay. Just add a silicone sleeve, gauze and do the velcro mod. And your good to go. No need to spend big but for a name brand.

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