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First time with Xleeve

First time with Xleeve

So I received my package from monkeybars shop. Right now I’m at work on lunch. Since my day started I’ve been using the soft thick sleeve with the 9oz weighted cap. It feels great. My only concern is during bathroom breaks I readjust the sleeve and weight. I know about the vacuum on the cap while wearing the sleeve. My thing is should my glans show some swelling of some sort? I’m noticing it around the urethra opening. Should I be concerned? Any input would be helpful. Have a good one fellas.

I bought one too. Dickers is right; taping up you glans is a good idea, that’s why monkey bar throws a roll of it in the package. The swelling of the tip of your glans is to be expected. When you take it off for a piss or for a break, jelq some blood into your glans to restore circulation and get your glans some fresh blood. That has helped me keep the swelling under control.

I also bought one of his soft/thick sleeves. I found that it was very fragile. Be careful taking it off and putting it on, it tears easily. Look for small tears on the edges before you use it, and trim those off with a pair of scissors to keep the tear from getting bigger. I was very careful, but even so, it only lasted a month.

I think the xsleeve is a very good ADS, and use it every day. TPS started a thread here on making your own sleeves, and I (generally) followed his advice. So now I’m using the home made sleeves, and find that they are comfortable and last much, much longer.

Live long and prosper.

So that’s what the tape is for. Thanks guys.

Watch out for any sharp edges on your finger nails. You can easily nick/start a weakening in the latex. Next thing it turns into a tear.

I usually cut each tube in half to make two sleeves.

Whoa. Just experienced something new. So I’m lying on my bed with the sleeve and the weight on with my legs open to get some kind of hang so I don’t have to stand all day. Anyway I’m watching some porn and start getting aroused. I’m kegeling the whole time. Didn’t even get up to a 100% and it felt like I came on myself. I go to the restroom to check and nothing. Just that crazy intense pleasure. This happen to anyone else?

Dry orgasm or, more likely, retro ejaculation.

Hmmm. Never heard of those. So with the retro ejac does that mean the jizz went the opposite way? Is that bad?

You need to clean the pipes quickly enough . I once had an urinary tract infection because of these.

Dry orgasm is the successful version, you have an orgasm but don’t ejaculate and may proceed to several more orgasms (staying erect) , which is called MMO (multiple male orgasms).

There’s great info on this topic at pegym (and a group called mmo).

I did. And thanks Walt.

Hey everyone,

I was wondering if anyone here can tell me a little more about the ‘weighted cap’ aspect of this ADS. I’m familiar with the Xleeve by itself, but not with the stainless steel weighted caps (9oz or 14oz).

I’m guessing that the glans fits completely inside of these caps, and the sleeve fits over the cap edges to hold it on. My concern is, what if your glans is too large to fit inside the cap? Do you have to smash it and contort it to fit it inside? Or am I missing the concept? Does it instead only cover a portion of the glans? Hoping one of you guys in here can elaborate. Thanks!


Best way to remove an Xsleeve

Any tips on the best way to remove one of these from your penis?

I worked out that I can install one using a tubed applicator such as Monkeybar used to sell but still am unsure ob the nest way to remove one without stressing my glans.


I would think that baby powder on the glans might help? Also, can you take the end that is closest to your base and turn the sleeve inside out by walking it down your penis toward the glans?

Originally Posted by BusterHymes
I would think that baby powder on the glans might help? Also, can you take the end that is closest to your base and turn the sleeve inside out by walking it down your penis toward the glans?

BusterHymes, thats dort of what I do at present though I do not use the baby powder. I do use powder though under a silicone glans protector while pumping to stop blisters. It works. I find the rolling back works up to the point when the sleeve is doubled up. I find it hard from there as I am careful not to tear the sleeve.

When I first got my xsleeve I tried rolling it up and over my glans. That put enormous pressure on my glans and I believe some short term nerve damage as I could not ejaculate for several months afterwards.

I find I can fairly easily remove silicone pumping sleeves as you suggest but they area lot softer than the Xsleeves.


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