Extender Comfort

Extenders aren’t comfortable. The vacuum based ones are relatively better but they come with their own set of issues. And that’s prompted me to go back to the standard X4. This thread is about my endeavor to make this thing as comfortable to wear as possible.

For me, the best strap solution has been the strap and noose combo method. Specifically, I wear the strap on the lower fastening part of the X4 quad system, with the noose at the top. This way the stress is distributed more evenly along the shaft and I’m able to get more extension.

But I’ve also noticed that the more tension I’m able to apply, the more the base of the extender digs into the my scrotum. I’ve used silicone pads and socks to no avail. But more recently I began to apply Shea butter to that area before putting the extender on and it’s made a whole lot of difference.

I attribute the improvement to a couple of things. My scrotum has a habit of tensing up. And I read somewhere that Shea butter has something in it that helps to relax the elastin in the skin. I figure the extra slack in the skin is reason for part of the added comfort. The other thing is the base is allowed to move around some now with the moisture, so digging into the skin is minimized.

And this is the best I’ve had it so far. Will be posting more as I tinker. I know this is a topic that’s already been explored a ton, but please feel free to share your own methods if you’ve found them to be worth your while.

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