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Does anyone have the sizegenetics extender?


Originally Posted by boner7484
Yeah the vac extender was the one which gave me the issues I mentioned.

What weight did you start off at with it?

I don’t remember. Probably 3 or 5 lbs. Most likely 5 but not 100% sure

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Originally Posted by TonyThaTyga

Nevermind. No way would I pay for that when I just confirmed one that does sell extension rods, is not a scam as people I used to know on PEgym have it and have talked about it, for $42, and they are upfront that they sell rods(minautaur extender). Hope it works out.

Minotaur is crap, the straps broke on me w/ in days. I am a long time user of x4 labs quad strap.


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