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And the award goes to... best ADS 2012?

Originally Posted by sentii
9inchtail, have you had any issues with numbness (ie has it been a con for you)? If so, please share how you’ve gotten around it.

No, no numbness at all. Then again, my flaccid girth is very small so that may be why. They are coming out with a larger latex piece within two weeks so this should help you guys suffering from numbness.

I have 5.3 MEG so I am surprised if I need some larger piece. Are you talking about the two semi-circle half-ring pieces or what? I would think that those are the bits that need to be different for different girths. Any variables I could work with would be great. Will I have to place an order for buying the new parts just like when bought device before, or is it something they might be sending out for free to prevent people from returning their devices?

Dangler, 9inchtail, sentii,

Are you boys cut or uncut? Is the Penimaster Pro good for all boys in terms of use as often being uncut some things are problematic like hanging? I know the website says there is no issue but I prefer to check with the boys at Thunders. I’m uncut and almost fully committed to getting the Penimaster Pro that’s the one outstanding issue for me that I wanted to check into.


Thanks guys! Penimaster Pro looks like a winner so far.

Guys that use the Penimaster Pro, are you using it when you’re at work? I need something that I can wear as an all\half day ADS, under my jeans, pants. Do you think you can use it while you’re not at home?

Conquering my goals.


uncut, au-natural. Only step to pay attention to, is not letting the foreskin, especially on the underside, get sucked into the mounting sluice.

Very small amounts of lube help on the “sluice” & glans/corona.

Only enough vacuum to draw the glans in up to & including the corona.

It always feels (wonderful) to have it on, especially when kegels !

It it ever starts to ache, burn, itch, take it off. Learning how to get mounted is part of the learning curve, including putting too much penis in, lol.

Other than that, your going to love it.

PM me if you need.

@dangler Thanks for the detailed answer. Looks like I’ve found my new toy. Cheers, Merlin

I’m uncut and think both should be the same in it. As far as wearing it to work, that’s actually an area that impresses me the most about the device. The head of the unit is more compact than other extender heads and the strap you can get with it is really well designed and comfortable. I wasn’t expecting to when bought it, but now I’m thinking I may use it more as an ADS than as an extender. I think it’s an unusually good device for both purposes.

So the penimaster is:
- fantastic
- comfortable
- wonderful to wear
- well designed
- “insert superlative here”

The only thing we don’t know now is: does it work?


I use the vac hanger system from monkey bar. This is used with the hard hanger sleeves and for a weight I use a series of hinged shaft collars


Each collar is approximately 200g. Up to now I use 3 comfortably. Sadly they’re expensive to get in the UK and due to the stupid American export laws I have to pay up to £15 each, where in the states they are $9 for the size I wanted.

Only used the system for 3 weeks as I’ve been ironing out the bugs form the system.

Hopefully some good gains in the coming months.

"If you're not first, you're last!"

5/09/09 currently sat at 5.5bp" bp x 4.25 eg. Long term goal would be 7.5nbp x 6 eg

Originally Posted by Crabman99
So the penimaster is:
- fantastic
- comfortable
- wonderful to wear
- well designed
- “insert superlative here”
The only thing we don’t know now is: does it work?

We ? Or will your penis get longer from using an extender ?
The extender works, you put it on, it stretches out your penis. It is now doing what it is designed to do.

Here is what the Penimaster Pro web site suggests:

Just wanted to see if anyone actually had any results from using it…

Wow, the Penimaster Pro is really expensive… Just checked out the web site. Damn! Have to ask mom if I can have it as a birthday present.

Yeah and including all the extra shit you have to stock up on it gets even more expensive, but damn, it looks like I might have to invest in one too.

It almost seems too good to be true, a comfy stretcher, whaaaat, what, what!

they can discount the extender, but not the spare parts.

If you have your receipt from another Extender purchase, they offer an 18% discount.
On receipt of that, they email you a URL for the ordering of the discounted product.


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