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Your first inch - how long?

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How long did it take you to gain your first inch of length?

< 3 months


Between 3 months and 6 months


Between 6 months and 1 year


Between 1 year and 2 years


Between 2 years and 3 years


Between 3 years and 5 years


Still waiting after 5 years

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Your first inch - how long?

Hi guys, I just wanted to ask those of you who have already achieved over an inch, how long did it take you to get that first inch?

I’m curious because as a newbie it’s quite easy to get your hopes up really high when you read the reports of the fast gainers, but I have to remind myself that these guys are maybe the exception rather than the rule…

With that in mind I thought I’d do a quick survey to see if a realistic average figure could be arrived at.

After 8 years of pumping and 4 years of PE exercises, I still haven’t yet gained a full inch.

You might want to ask a moderator to throw a poll on this one.

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About 2 years.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

After almost 4 years of PE I’ve gained almost nothing (maybe 1/4”) - but I’m not about to stop. I’m just cursed to be a slow gainer I guess.. That and I think I over-trained for much of that time.

I admire your determination guys, but I have to admit I’m already a bit depressed to hear this. I guess it’s only the phenomenally rapid gainers who feel like posting about it :(

p.s. Modesto, do you think this is worth a proper poll as per Remek’s suggestion?

Took me 10 months to gain 1”

Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goal: my strength lies solely in my tenacity.

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I got 1” in under a year.

I got .6” in my first 4 months but now I’m beginning to wonder how much of that may actually just have been getting better at measuring BP.

If there’re any newbies reading this I advise you to make absolute sure as possible you are measuring in a way that you will be confident is reliable and consistent with future measurements. It’ll save you from tremendous uncertainty in your results and undermine your sense of achievement down the line.

Gained approximately one inch in a year. I have gained 1.5 overall in length in my PE experience, find a good overall program and use it! When it seems as if you have plateaued on gains, change up your program to jump start growth, taking frequent days off. Best of luck with your PE experience.

I gained an inch in the first month and half. Both in length and girth. I attribute my fast gains to proper warm-up, stretching, and jelq technique. Diet may also play a big part. I would love to know if any of the slow-gainers are drinking caffienated beverages, alcohol, and/or smoking cigarettes. I do none of that stuff. I also take testosterone injections because of a pituitary glitch, so that may have also helped.

I increased 1” in 4 months of newbie gains (6” to 7”), but girth remains at where I started (5.5”). I expect the newbie rate of increase to slow down very soon.

I got 3/4, quit, never cemented it, so here I am again!

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