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You guy's are the best

You guy's are the best

I can’t believe how many pm’s I recieved yesterday alone from everyone, regarding my injury. I’m touched, and very greatful. Thank you so much for everyone’s kind words,humor and advice. Because of the so called storm we’ve had in NY, my doctor did not make into work today, but hopefully will tomorrow. On a lighter note, I managed an erection today, still numb though. It was a morning piss hardon. Guess what? I finally got a gain, that I know is a gain. I gained a .25” in erection length. Last year, when I started my ruler measurements were nowhere near accurate. I’m on point with it, and I can stand here and tell you, with my numb dick, it fucking grew .25” in 1 month of hanging, ots, just 15 minutes a day, 2 sessions only, with 8lbs! I knew it would happen! It’s bittersweet for me though.

I’m very frightened to do it again. If anyone out there has doubts, please don’t. It is so real, but it takes alot of time to get it all down pat. To all the newbies out there, if your like me-someone who can be inpatient, frustrates easily, the type that has a hard time following a consistent daily program to the letter, you will get frustrated, you will give up, and deny yourself something wonderful. Leave your mind at the door when you enter this place. Follow all the guidelines set forth by the veterans, listen to them. Go slow, do not get frustrated. Tell yourself it will take months just to learn how to do the exercises. It really took me a year just to learn everything correctly. So what? If it takes me 5 years, to achieve what I want I will still live more than half my life with a big dick!

Sorry for the ramble! Thank you for all the kind, wonderful words! Thank you for this forum!

I’m glad you’re doing better, Inch. Nice gain for one month! You ARE taking a break today, aren’t you?

:hanger: :homer:

Right now, Craig, I don’t think I’m going to do any more pe. I think I’m done for good. I’m to scared something permanent might happen. I was stupid the first time around, that’s when this first happened. This is the second time this has happened, only worse. If I wasn’t such a dumb ass the first time, I don’t think this would have repeated.

We all make mistakes, compadre. I’m glad yours wasn’t more serious.

Well inchy, that certainly gave me a fright.

If you are too worried to do hanging again, why not go to manual stretching instead, don’t wave goodbye to us yet!

If God is all powerful, then the devil must be nothing more than a darkness in the mind of God, however if the devil is something real and seperate, then perfection is impossible and God cannot exist except in the aspirations of fallen angels.

Grasshopper all will be fine.

“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

To be honest, IMHO, trying to stretch the tunica via manual stretching is just to hard. I do not have the patience for it.

Are you kiddin, Inch? That’s a f#cking blast! What guy doesn’t like to pull on his dick?

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