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Wrist Wrap Issues (clamp)


Thanks for the advice Big Girtha. I actually have the Futro Sport wrist wrap. I’ll be cutting tomorrow and giving it a try. It looks like it will be much more comfortable than the sock I was using (although it worked). I also don’t see how you can really use this as a wrap to keep from turtling once it’s only a 2” strip; however, I will give it a try tomorrow. The size it comes in right out of the box looks like one wrap around would be great to keep you from turtling, so maybe buying a few is a good idea.

Where can I find 2” wide wrist bandage in Melbourne?

All the pharmacies I have checked sell 3” wide wrist bandages.

Footeddie: If you are just using this for a traction wrap you might not want to cut is that narrow. I thought you were using it under a clamp. 2” wide is perfect for clamping, a little wider would probably be better for traction.

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BG, I am going to use it for both. I’m just going to buy another one and keep it ucut. I think if I use it as a traction wrap, the 4” or so would be great as it’d only be about one wrap around. Unless I am picturing this all wrong. I’m not picturing it as a “spiral type of wrap” the way you would wrap before hanging. I’m picturing this as being just one wrap around (or however many are needed) but it doesn’t continuously overlap and go down toward the penis. I hope that makes sense. But either way the price on these are great and I’m about to clamp right now!

Well, just a heads up on the wrap. It’s 10x better than anything else. This is to the point where I actually over did it a tiny bit. I normally get very small red dots, where to see them I’d have to put my penis right in my face. They also always go away within a few hours or so; however, this time I noticed fluid build up. I went a bit over board, but the wrap is great and now I know to take it easy :) .

I would edit this instead of posting three times in a row; however, I just realized how/why I got that lymph fluid build up. Normally my veins (like everyone) become super pronounced when clamping. I noticed the fluid in the third set and since I have such pronounced veins it was very obvious when I didn’t see them as much. In between sets I had a heating pad turned up a bit too much, and would hold it on for about 5 minutes between sets. I feel that this definitely caused the fluid build up. I basically jelqed a bit of new blood in and immediatly put the heating pad on, instead of my normal squeezes out and then kegel/jelqing blood in. I’m just going to stick with the heating pad as my warm up. It was a bad idea to incorporate that much heat with the clamping.

Apologies for my ignorance on this one, but why is the type of wrap so important?

I thought it’s purpose was just to prevent skin pinch?

At the moment, I use a cut off top end of a sock that I double up and seems to be working well.

It seems to provide a lot more pressure than the cloth I was using; although, I am now going back to the cloth :( . My guy isn’t really ready for that much pressure. I’m going to build it up for another month or two.

Cheers eddie!

I’ve been having a bit of problems getting pressure just with the sock wrap, so have doubled up on the clamps which seems to make a big difference.

I must invest in some of this new wrap aswell.

If your ready for it, I’d say go for it. The pressure is great. I’d also bet money that you wouldn’t have to use two clamps.


I purchased a 2” inch wrist wrap in Wal-Mart for about $3 bucks. There is another thread on Thunders about the wrist wrap. I couldn’t wait to put it on, so I went into Wal-Mart’s bathroom and jelqed my unit until it was throbbing with size and then put the wrap around my unit and nuts (the whole package wrapped). WOW, this gave me a huge buldge in my jeans ! I walked around Wal-Mart for awhile and noticed all the babes lookin at my huge buldge. If you get the one I purchased it’s only about 6” long by 2” wide and really soft and pliable. The other thread on here also talks about it making your flaccid hang longer.


Ever in search of the perfect wrap (no Thera’s available around here), I recently bought a carpal tunnel support. This is a padded strip of metal with two neoprene straps to attach it to your forearm. The straps are very soft, about 3” wide and maybe 8” long. The best thing is that the entire back is ‘sticky’, so you can wrap to any size. All of the wrist wraps I’ve seen are only Velcro’ed at specific points, limiting their value in some applications. (So, yes, I cut had to off the two straps and throw away the rest.) FYI.


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