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I did not even know this forum was here. I can’t wait to go through everything…Very Cool

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Where you been, DLD?? Can’t believe you’ve been contributing to PE F. all this time and didn’t know about Thunder’s. Lots of good stuff here.



Congrat’s DLD on your first post here, I have a feeling there will be plenty more!

Welcome to Thundersplace world.

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Hey DLD,

I replied to the e-mail you sent to the webmaster@peforum account. Did you get it?




Glad to see you found this forum you have been quite an inspiration to me over at PE Forums Welcome!

When you gain do you find that your BP length grows first and then is followed by NBP length?….in other words does it take a little while for the skin to stretch to accomodate your new BP length?


Give your crank a yank and a spank

every now and then and watch what happens

Wow, thank you for such a warm welcome…I always get very scared to post in a new place…always worried that I am going to do something wrong…But it is so cool that there are so many names I recognize.

Donthurtme: thank you for the compliment. As far as Non Bone Pressed length catching up with Bone Pressed length I do think that there is a wait period…I always have about .75” to the bone so If I keep my weight the same then I like to do non-bone pressed measurments….But as far as a constant acurate measurment I do a bone pressed reading in the same position every time….and yes it will catch up…It’s funny though, with me anyway…I remember stugling for an 8.25” Bone Pressed measurement last year….I mean really sweating it….and now I am hitting 9 to 9.25” non-bonepressed and I don’t remember that happening. I guess my best advice is to measure very rarely, be extremely patient and set small goals between each measuring period. I always have a certain number I shoot for about every other month. I try to make it a realistic goal and I work very hard to reach it. The more realistic the goal the happier I am when I make it or beat it. I have always set tiny goals and then I always get surprised months down the road. But we all know the true goal here is visible penis, who cares whats under the fat, I wanna see it….and before you know it, if your very committed and patient you do see it. I hope that is the answer you wanted…I have a very obsessive habit of over explaining myself, so I appologize.

Sizemeister Yes I did get the email…I always feel so important when a mod. or admin. sends me mail or responds to me…Thanks

WillB7 Hi…I hope to be able to contribute as much as I can…I love the layout of the board, so white, bright and clean.

avocet8…Again it is so cool to see people I know here….You have already made me feel at home.

Thanks You Guys

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

DLD - that was about THE BEST and the most concise explanation of the importance of short-term goal setting, thanks!

Originally posted by javelin
DLD - that was about THE BEST and the most concise explanation of the importance of short-term goal setting, thanks!

No problem Javelin…I thought it was a little bit too much, but then if I don’t explain everything the way I think it I end up thinking I did not do a good job explaining and I never post

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

Well…. do I have to say it?

Welcome aboard, AMIGO!

I’m happy your presence will be here now! :)


I thought all you guys (experienced ones) new about this one
since they (administrators) know each other.
Anyway glad to see you. I joined both only about 2 weeks ago same time. Talk to you later N2


Off topic, however…

Have thought this for ages, but you have to win the award for cleverest/most inventive nick!

StumP (hmm how creative) :p

Funny nick...


Your totally right, Buster has the best on out there, I just got it (Ha). I am also pleased DLD has come over to Thunders because he has some great posts over there at the PE Forum that I have seen.

I can resist everything except temptation...


Hey DLD glad to see another PE vet on the boards. From former posts i’ve read, you have been very very successful with PE. Could you post your routines?

Sorry it took me so long to do this but here it is. This is the routine I started with and I did this one for about 8 months. I have changed it a bit and I will write the newest routine under this.

6:00 am
morning stretch 12, 60 second stretches.

7:00 am Kegles:
100 squeezes followed by a 20 sec. hold, followed by 50, 5 second holds with a 2 second release. Followed by a hold till failure.

I stretch everytime a take a piss
(about 7 times a day)so 7x4 sets of 60 second holds a day.

10:00 am
My first jelq session is 700 hard jelqs with 3 sets of ulis every 100. followed by a hot wrap for 5 minutes.

4:30 pm
I do another set of pc exercises on my drive home.

8:00 pm
I do a testicle massage and stretch before my bath in the pm. about 5 minutes.

10:00 pm
I do my major jelq before bed: 1000 jelqs with alternate power jelqs and ulis every 100. followed by a hot wrap for 5 minutes.

My Newest routine has changed a bit and I have added some new techniques in with continued gains. I really beleive in adding to the intensity of the workout as your penis gets stronger and able to handle it…but use your head.

6:00am Keggle routine
(Foward and Reverse as follows) On the toilet after I take a poop and pee (Flushing is optional but I do) I take my flacid penis pullit to the left and sit on it with my left thigh. (This seems to iccolate the musle more) I will do 50 regular Kegles about 2 seconds each. I then do a 20 second hold. Now what I do is the twist on the normal kegle workout, this is why it is best done on a toilet to avoid any accidents if you know what I mean. I hold a regular kegle as hard as I can for a 5 count then I do a reverse kegle as hard as I can for a 5 count. I do 50 of these (still sitting on my penis to feel the muscles contract and tighten) I end the routine with a 30 second foward followed by a 30 second reverse. I slap my penis against my leg about 50 times to return normal blood flow.

8:00am drive to work stretch
I have a 20 minute drive to work so I do a fowler stretch at the highest intensity for 15 minutes followed by one handed manual stretches for 5 minutes non stop when I get to work. (NON STOP meaning switching hands as one gets tired for a total hold of 5 minutes) I stretch sitting down on the toilet straight down to the left and right while switching hands.

10:00am Jelq and thickening routine
I have a very intense jelqing session now, I have eliminated the twice a day and let myself concentrate on one time a day now. What I do is 100 warm up jelqs. about 80% hard trying to reach 100% hard at the end of the first 100. Then I do 10 sets as followed: 50 100% errect jelgs followed b a 30 second uli 100% hard followed by 50 more jelqs, followed by a pan roll for 30 seconds at 80% hard. (at the end of this pan roll I use the next 50 jelqs of the next set to get my penis back to 100% errect.) I will do this 10 times. I follow this with either a 5 minute hot wrap or hot bath deppending on where I am. My penis at the end of this jelq feels very worked out.

3 more times at work I do fowler stretches followed by manuals
at 12:00, 2:00 & 3:30 I do a 10 minute seated fowler at 100% intensity folowed by 5 minute manual stretch (5 minutes total without letting go, I switch hands when one gets tired)

8:00pm Testicle health and stretch
I will do a 10 minute testicle massage before my bath at night. What I do is gab my sack right above my balls and pull out to a good stretch. As I hold it there I massage my balls with my other hand, I do this for about 2 minutes. Then I massage my whole sack avoiding my balls for 2 minutes. Then I finish by grabbing my sack again above my balls and pulling it downward about 100 times. I think this exercise does a few things. First it gets me in the habit of checking myself for lumps. It increases sperm production (gives me more volume) and I beleive it also help the penis hang lower in a faccid state.

VIAGRA TIME More stretching
after my bath I take 50 mg. of viagra wait a half hour and have sex. The reason I am including this in my routine is this: The viagra gives me a super hard errection so after I am done having sex I do my ERRECT STRETCHES I get 100% errect while laying in bed watching tv and I pull straight up in the direction of my hard on for 60 seconds. I will do 12 sets of these.

side notes:

1) I trully use Visualization and Praise to God as a large part of my routine. I know it sound wierd but it I have done it from the beginning and my routine has always given me great gains. I see my jelqing sessions as time of meditation. I close my eyes when I jelq. and picture what I want and beleive every stroke is giving me that. I have changed the picture in my mind when I feel I have reached that goal and I keep pushing myself beyond any limits. I always that God After.

2) I want a natural curve to my errection, which is coming along nicely. What I do to get this is when I am jelqing at 100% errect I curve my strokes in the dirrection of the the natural curve I want. It works great.

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple


Double long Dadda,

Talk about a full time program, that be some serious PE’ing. And one great post and follow through as well.

Welcome to ThundersWorld.

The number one PE site in the world, free or otherwise.


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